Winter Interior Trends for the Home

Winter Interior Trends for the Home

Winter is a time often spent indoors, melting away the cold chills in the comfort of your own home. Spruce up your space with these winter interior trends, from wooden features to metallic décor – we’ve got you sorted for the new year.

Grey Colour Palette

Light silvers and neutral tones come in the form of a palette, which we consider perfect for winter. The colour grey presents a chic and modern moment, which can fit almost any interior style. Grey is timeless and versatile and can, therefore, be worked into any room. With such a wide spectrum of shades, the grey works well on its own or mixed with other tones to add an element of colour. Try pairing dark greys with bright yellows or blues, to make the colours pop.  Dark grey is the perfect contrast to these colours and can create a contemporary style like no other.


Wooden features are a timeless element of interior design. Wooden beams and tables are a common feature of the traditional rural home yet are becoming more popular in modern contemporary houses. Not only is wood a better option for the environment, it can also introduce an element of warmth and texture into your home. Wooden features also add a sense of character and make your house feel more like a home. If you are looking to incorporate wood into your home, consider replacing your dining or coffee table with a solid oak one. This will immediately create a staple furniture piece in your home and will look beautiful, especially during the cold winter months.


Heavy fabrics are a must-have in winter, but why not match them to your interior décor? Sumptuous velvet blankets in rich tones will look great on your sofa or chairs. Match your velvet fabrics to your pillows or go for a darker colour to accentuate the colours of your sofa. We recommend colours of mustard, rich reds and greens in particular. These colours are heavily in fashion and will introduce a great pop of colour into your home.


Antique gold and rose gold are extremely popular and can make any space fashionable. Metallics add a lavish touch to your home and paired with marble effects can look even better. If you are looking to incorporate metallics into your home, consider purchasing a metallic basket to store magazines or perhaps a vase. Small touches such as these can immediately spruce up your space and are fairly cheap too. 

Black Furniture

Throughout the past year, black furniture and accessories have grown in popularity. Black adds a sleek, modern appeal to your home, without making them appear dark and dingey. Black pieces such as lamps and chairs can add just the right amount of darkness into your home. Match these to black picture frames and other décor and you will achieve a sleek style.

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