Why it can be hard to let go of belongings

Why it can be hard to let go of belongings

We all have a lot of clutter in our homes that we could do without. Whether you store unwanted items in the garage or in other storage spaces around your home, it’s all taking up valuable space. But it can be difficult when it comes round to getting rid of these items and sorting through them. There are plenty of things that we put off throwing out for one reason or another and never get round to. But if we are not using them then why are we so reluctant to throw them away? There are a number of reasons that it can be hard to let go of our belongings and finally get rid of them. We look at why it’s hard to get rid of your belongings and how you can solve the problem.

Sentimental value

Most of our belongings have some sentimental value in one way or another, which can make them even harder to sort through and get rid of. We all have souvenirs from holidays or trips away that we don’t want to get rid of but take up too much room. Many other items may also hold some sentimental value due to the time they were bought or even if they were a gift from someone. In a similar way, we may also have items that used to belong to a loved one that we are wary of getting rid of. 

You might need it

Another reason that we delay throwing out items is because we feel they could still end up being useful in the future. Many people are reluctant to get rid of their belongings if there’s nothing wrong with them and they’re still in good working order. Whether you have a use for it, or even if you don’t intend to use it anytime soon. We often keep things in the hope that we will need them one day and won’t have to buy another. Many of us are guilty of this but it is worth remembering to consider how much the item is actually worth. If it is fairly inexpensive, it’s probably worth getting rid of and then buying another one in the rare case that you need it.

The Expense

One of the major reasons that we don’t get rid of our belongings is the amount that we paid for them. We often feel guilty for spending large amounts of money on items that we end up not using or are not needed anymore. Because of this people often hang onto belongings for longer than they should do, rather than getting rid of them. Many items can often be expensive to buy so we don’t want to part with them as it feels like we have wasted the money. If you are feeling guilty then one solution could be to sell the items online or through a boot-sale to try and get some money back for them.

No matter what your excuse, we all have too much clutter in our homes. The belongings that we keep can actually take up valuable space in our home. By clearing out the clutter you can actually gain a lot more room in your home and make it look spacious. If you simply can’t bear to get rid of some of your belongings but need more space, then make sure you get in touch with Easistore to see how we can help!

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