Why Are We Addicted to Collectibles?

Why Are We Addicted to Collectibles?

If you are addicted to collectibles, you might be left wondering why you feel the need to compulsively collect things. Well, you're not alone. It is thought that around one third of people in Britain collect something. Whether it is your old collection of CD’s or vinyls, or whether you haven’t been able to get rid of your childhood toys, our collections can take up valuable space in the home. Our guide explains why we are addicted to collecting and how you can work towards better managing your collection and obsession.

Where does our obsession come from?

There are many theories about why we are addicted to collecting items, but one of the most popular is the fact that it stems from our childhood. Esteemed psychologist, Dr Rebecca Spelman, believes that our fascination with collecting stems from childhood when we were given toys and other comfort items. At this period of development, we learnt that it was possible to have an emotional attachment to inanimate objects. Although items may not be expensive, they offer comfort and pleasure in their own right and we become attached to a collection. There is also a sense of completion which is satisfying if you know you have each item in the series of a collection.

Collecting for financial gain

Another popular reason that people decide to collect items is for the financial gain they stand to receive when selling the collection. There are a large amount of collectibles from the past that can attract a huge figure when sold today. One major example of this is the huge amount that classic Star Wars action figures go for today, with sale prices of up to $18,000 for one action figure. Vinyl records are also known for achieving high value upon sale and this is often where collections of vinyl stem from. Rare vinyl records can sell for as much as £100,000. Shows such as Antiques Roadshow on the BBC have also perpetuated this idea and people often hold onto items in the hope they could be worth something.

How to manage a collection

One thing that you should bear in mind is that there is a fine line between collecting items and hoarding them. If you are collecting for the sake of it or you are just collecting things that you like rather than a series of items, then you are technically hoarding them. It is important that you consider whether you really need to keep the collection or whether you could do with getting rid of some of it. One way that you can still keep your collection and make more room in your home is by renting out storage.

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