What to Store and Throw Out When Moving Home

What to Store and Throw Out When Moving Home

Moving home is a stressful period at the best of times but it is made even more difficult if you have too many belongings. We often hold onto items longer than we need to and moving home is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the belongings that you don’t need anymore. It can be difficult to decide what items we genuinely need to keep so we have put together a guide that gives you some tips on what to store and what you can throw out when moving home.


We all look to keep spending on furniture to a minimum where possible. But we will all have tired looking furniture that could do with replacing and moving home is the perfect chance to bring in some new furniture. You might also want different furniture if you are downsizing, or if your new house is a different layout your furniture might not suit the space. It is worth considering throwing your furniture out if it is:

  • Old and worn out past a point where it can be easily restored or cleaned
  • The wrong shape and doesn’t fit your new home
  • Out of style and doesn’t suit the modern settings of your home
  • It can’t be donated to a good cause or family member


One thing that we are all guilty of is having too many clothes that don’t fit us any more or that we never wear. We often hang on to items of clothing in case we need to wear them for a certain occasion or event, even though we are not likely to need it. Even if your clothes fit and you have worn them recently, we can all often be guilty of having too many clothes, shoes and accessories. This will make storage in your bedroom tight, especially if you are moving to a smaller home and don’t have the room for it. Consider throwing your clothes out if:

  • They don’t fit you anymore or are out of shape
  • You are not likely to wear it because it is out of style
  • Anything has a stain that you are unable to remove
  • You can’t actually remember when the last time you wore it was

Kitchen Items

Another area that could do with decluttering before you move home is the kitchen. We often have more items than we would ever need in the kitchen and you could probably do with throwing some of these out. Everything that you take with you will be taking up room and you might need to hire removal services if you have a large amount of belongings to move. Kitchen utensils, appliances and other products that you don’t need anymore should be thrown out or given to a new home if you no longer have use for them. You should think about getting rid of your kitchen items if:

  • You don’t use the appliance anymore
  • Can’t remember when you last used a specialist kitchen utensil
  • You already have several of the same things, mugs for example…

If you can donate or recycle your belongings then you should think about doing this before you decide to throw them out. You could also think about selling your furniture if it is in good condition. If you have been through this process and still don’t have enough space then you might want to consider self storage. This will provide the space you are looking for in a new home and make the space a better place to live. Get in touch with us today if you are considering self storage.

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