What to do with your furniture while refurbishing

What to do with your furniture while refurbishing

Refurbishing on a large scale, working on an extension or installing a new kitchen can be a hassle. You will need to remove furniture from all areas of the home while you have refurbishment and building works going on. Make sure that you also consider all the areas that builders will have to walk through in order to get to the area that is being refurbished. Our blog gives you some top tips on what to do with your furniture while refurbishing and where to make space for it.

Living Room

If you are having renovations done in the living room, even if this is just decorating, then you might want to consider removing your furniture. Depending on the kind of renovation work you are having done, the work could take a week to complete. In this case it can be a good idea to remove the furniture from your living room, such as sofas, coffee tables and other furniture. This will make it much easier for the tradesmen to do their job and get around the living room area. Consider taking these items out and storing in the garage if you have one. Be sure to wrap in protective cover though.

Dining Area

If you are having refurbishments done to your dining room then there are all kinds of furniture that you might want to remove. Bulky furniture like dining tables and chairs can get in the way of tradesmen and can get damaged in the process of refurbishment. If you can disassemble your dining room furniture then this might be a good solution while you are having refurbishment work done. But if you can’t then the best solution would be to push the table and chairs into one corner of the room and cover with protective cloths.


Having a new kitchen installed is high on everyone’s list of priorities but it will mean you need to shift some things around. When you are getting new units fitted you will need to empty out the contents of your units and these will need to be stored somewhere. Cardboard boxes and packing materials like bubble wrap or newspaper can be used to keep your belongings safe. It will also be best if you take your appliances out of the kitchen while you are having work done to ensure that they don’t get damaged in the process.


If you are having an extension built then you will need to consider the rooms adjacent to this area and move the furniture out. Builders might need to gain access through other rooms if they are carrying heavy materials so you should consider this too. Extension work can take a long time to complete and you might not be able to use that room properly for a while. Many people also have the area redecorated after the work is finished as this is the perfect time to decorate. But this can draw out the work even longer.

With all kinds of refurbishment work, you will no doubt need to move furniture out of the way to avoid any damage. However, this poses its own problems as you don’t want to be living around bulky furniture and storing it in other rooms in your home. If you don’t have a garage or any room in there, then you might want to think about self storage. Easistore provides self storage solutions for a short or long term basis. We can provide the perfect space for as long as your refurbishment work is taking place, at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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