What Can You Do In a Storage Unit?

Corridor of Easistore storage units

Storage units are an excellent solution when you need a little more space around the home. Whether you’re looking to store items that you rarely use, are moving house, or undertaking a new DIY project as we enter Spring, there is no shortage of benefits to reserving your very own storage unit. Secure, quiet, and temperature-controlled, you can rest assured that your items are in safe hands. But can they be more than just storage?

There is a multitude of myths floating around the internet about what is possible inside the bounds of your storage unit. Our useful guide is here to explain away any confusion: So, what can you do in a storage unit?

Can you hang out in a storage unit?

Some people may view a storage unit as an extra room in their home. Easistore storage units offer unlimited access to renting customers, meaning you are welcome to visit your unit as often as you like within the opening hours of the branch. Temperature control and security mean that spending time here may offer a small escape from a hectic household or work atmosphere.

While they are a great way to create more space in the home, this does not mean that it’s a good idea to invite family and friends to spend time in your storage unit. With no power sockets available in our units, spending long periods of time here is simply not advisable. 


Can I work inside my storage unit?

This is another quite frequently asked question about our storage units. Throughout lockdown, many of us have had to be creative about where and how we work in our homes. Working from home does not always provide the right environment, particularly in a home full of family members, pets, and distractions. A storage unit might seem like the perfect escape. 

However, this is not really the case. Without power and adequate lighting, working in our storage units will prove difficult. Our Offices & Studios offer the perfect solution. These purpose-built workspaces are available for competitive rates, which include rent, utilities, insurance, and cleaning fees. If you’re looking for somewhere to work from if your home office is not up to scratch, get a quote with us today.

Inside a storage unit at Easistore

Can I run a business from a storage unit?

Our business storage units are the perfect place for businesses to store seasonal or excess stock when not required. Even important documents are safe and secure within your unit. In addition, Easistore is perfectly set up to support online businesses and e-commerce with our Mail Order Distribution facilities. Your couriers can collect items from our branches 7 days a week, and our Customer’s Area provides the ideal environment to meet customers or suppliers. 

What’s more, many of our customers choose to rent storage as well as office space from Easistore, finding it easy to focus all business around one central location.

Inside storage units with Easistore

Can you live in a storage unit?

The answer to this question should be fairly obvious after reading the previous sections in this article. While you do have full access to your storage unit within the branch’s opening hours, sleeping inside a storage unit is not permitted. Furthermore, electric appliances will have no power source inside the unit, which would make living inside one impossible. 

If you have any other questions about what is permitted inside our storage units, don’t hesitate to contact us. With award-winning customer services, you can be sure we’re always happy to help.

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