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Vinyl continues its impressive growth and comeback in recent times, with sales in the UK at their highest point in 30 years according to Sky News. With all forms of media moving to digital platforms it is somewhat surprising that vinyl continues to see sales growth. But this is likely due to the aesthetic of vinyl records and people still wanting to support their favourite artists. Vinyl is a much nicer product than CD and many purists would claim you get a better sound from vinyl records. 

With sales up and people continuing to pursue vinyl as a hobby, you could be running out of space and looking for more vinyl record storage solutions. We have put together our guide on the best way to store vinyl.

What’s the Best Way to Store Vinyl Records?

The best way to store records for a long period is to ensure they are stored in an upright position. Storing records at a tilt or an angle can lead to warping and damaging the sound quality of your vinyl. It is also important to make sure you use plastic vinyl sleeves or dust covers if your records are not stored in a sealed box.

There are plenty of products on Amazon but some of these outer vinyl record sleeves can help to keep dust from the surface of your record, as well as keep the cover in good condition. If you are storing your records away in a space like a loft or storage unit, you might want to consider getting a closed storage box for your vinyl records.


How to Clean Vinyl Records

When you remove your records from storage, you might need to clean them before you are able to enjoy them on your record player. To clean vinyl records you will need an anti static vinyl cleaning brush as well as a high quality microfibre cloth and stylus cleaning brush. You can also buy record cleaning solutions specially formulated to protect the record. Follow these steps on how to clean vinyl records;

  1. Remove any visible dirt and dust with the anti static brush.
  2. Inspect the record for any other blemishes or dirt.
  3. Use a small spray of cleaning solution and work this into problem areas.
  4. Wipe clean using circular motions to remove any excess dirt.
  5. Make sure you store once clean in a sealed box to prevent further dust.

Another top tip is to buy a stylus brush to make sure you are regularly cleaning this and removing any excess dust and dirt. If you haven’t played a record in a while you might notice it is particularly dusty.

Blue vinyl record on record player

Where should I store vinyl records?

Vinyl records should be stored in a cool dry place with a consistent temperature where possible. Storing vinyl records in spaces like a garage or the loft is not ideal as temperatures can fluctuate massively. This can cause damage and warping to your vinyl records which can ruin their value or their sound quality.

Ideally you should keep vinyl records somewhere inside your home as the temperature will often remain a consistent temperature compared to loft or garage spaces that are not as well insulated. You could also consider climate controlled storage units as a good option if you have a huge collection. The space can then also be used to store other valuable media that you don’t have space for in your home.

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