Use Your Storage Unit to Hide Gifts from the Kids

Use Your Storage Unit to Hide Gifts from the Kids

When you have young children, the magic of Christmas is contagious. Even more than adults, children look forward to this special time of year, and what’s not to like? There’s time with the family to look forward to, along with time off school, plenty of tasty treats to eat, and of course… presents.

But for parents working hard to keep the magic of Father Christmas alive, making sure gifts are kept well hidden in a place the children won’t find them can be a challenge. Many parents dread the potential event of their children finding the Christmas presents stashed away somewhere in the house and then having to have the difficult conversation of why Father Christmas hasn’t been sorting their Christmas presents.

While this is a very common problem, there’s a very simple solution. A self storage unit is the perfect place to hide Christmas gifts from the kids and comes with other benefits which we’ll tell you all about.

Keep the Magic Alive

Hiding the kids’ gifts in your storage unit allows you to avoid the awkward or difficult situation mentioned above where you might have to have a conversation about why Father Christmas is hiding your child’s gift in your home rather than at his workshop in the North Pole.

Stashing the Christmas shopping away in your storage unit also makes the whole process a lot more convenient for you. The shuffle of trying to get gifts into the house after visiting the shops and past the children without their noticing can be really tricky. Instead, after you’ve been to the shops you can stop by your self storage unit and easily tuck the gifts safely inside, without any risk of your children catching a glimpse. Alternatively, if you tend to do your shopping online, you can have the gifts delivered to your office and hide them at your storage unit on your way home.

Wrap It Up

Another benefit of hiding your Christmas shopping for the kids in a self storage unit is that it can also act as a secret place to wrap all of the gifts. Rather than locking yourself away in your bedroom or waiting until the dead of night to wrap gifts when the children have fallen asleep, you can easily visit your self storage unit at any time to do all of your wrapping.

This also enables you to keep all of your wrapping paper and ribbons out of the house. These items do take up space, and children are clever enough to know if they have seen the wrapping paper that Father Christmas used in the house, which could also raise some questions!

Safe & Secure

Every festive season we hear stories of families whose homes have sadly been burgled in the days leading up to Christmas and had all of their gifts stolen. Unfortunately, this is quite common. The temptation of expensive toys, electronics and even jewellery spurs burglars on, causing these types of thefts to surge during the holidays.

By choosing to keep your Christmas gifts in a secure self storage unit, you’re keeping them safe and eliminating the chance that they could be stolen. You can hide, wrap and keep your family’s gifts secure until right before Christmas.

If you’d like to speak to us about a self storage unit, we’d be more than happy to help. We even offer short-term solutions if you’re interested in hiring a unit just for the Christmas period.

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