Use Storage for your House Flip

Use Storage for your House Flip

Renovating or flipping your house before you sell it (or if you are considering selling it in the future) is a good idea to increase the value of your house and perhaps make a profit from when you first bought the property!  You’ve got ideas for new kitchen counters and an extension, and each of the additional amenities can increase the price, but there are several smaller things that can also drastically improve the value of the house.

One of these is simply painting your front door, which can boost your value by thousands! One other is expanding the amount of storage space of the house. If you want to use all of your spare space, but don’t want to make the house seem smaller or cluttered, consider some of these suggestions :

Perhaps you have more floor space than you expected

Create a detailed floorplan of your house and you may discover some odd spaces behind plasterboard that you could utilise! You could make some recessed wall shelving, whether for books, trophies, shoes, or anything else you could want to display. Contact a carpenter or contractor if you’re worried about cutting into the drywall.

Space at the end of corridors

You may have space at the end of the corridor if the doors don’t go all the way to the far wall. No-one ever walks to the end, so you can put in a little cabinet or create a seat to look out the window.

Under the stairs

Most houses just have wasted space under the stairs. Turn it into a little nook for reading or install pull-out drawers. The first will make the space feel more open, while the second is a more invisible and practical storage solution.

Beneath and above the sink

Trade-in your freestanding sink with a sink cabinet so you can store extra toilet paper nearby and utilise the area more efficiently. You could also create or update a vanity cabinet above the sink, so there are easy storage and access for personal hygiene products and medicine.

Near the ceiling

Without taking away any floor space, adding in a shelf with baskets along the ceiling is easy to do in almost every room, especially above existing cabinets. Use it in the garage or in closets, and it’s a simple solution to storage problems. Keep items that you don’t need regularly in these baskets, which you can then pull down rather than getting a step stool to sort through the dust.


Buyers love many good closets through the house. Adding more closets struggles to go wrong, especially if you have an older house that doesn’t already have lots of other storage options. Create built-ins with space for shoes, dresses, tops, etc. Adding built-in wardrobes can make it a lot easier to sell your home.

Open Shelving

Whilst not exactly a storage space, mixing up the thrill of hidden spaces in closets with the modern appeal of open shelving creates a winning combination. Open shelving simultaneously opens up space, making it seem bigger while providing good storage space. It also means that if you overfill slightly, you won’t have doors that won’t shut, but it will seem more purposeful.

What about your own storage? When flipping your house, where are you going to store all of the furniture, appliances and other knick-knacks that currently occupy all of the closets? You will want to keep them safe and out of the way to save both money (in case you damage them during renovations) and stress. It also helps to keep them out of the way so if you end up buying new furniture, you can sell them later on with a maintained value.

Additionally, if your house goes onto the market and you want people to look around without seeing everything you own cluttering up space, make your home more presentable by storing the knick-knacks in a self-storage unit so you don’t have to get rid of it all.

Moving your stuff into another room is an option, but means that any work will take much longer as you have to heft things from one space to another. Consider having one move-out day where you get everything into a self-storage facility, and then you can work on your house with greater peace of mind. 

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