Under Stairs Storage Ideas

Staircase with storage cupboard underneath.

In everyone’s home, there are those items that you just can’t find a home for. Creating extra storage without compromising your floor space can be a difficult task, which is why thinking creatively is key. When you start looking at things from a different angle, you might find that the perfect opportunities for storing shoes, toys, and more are right under your nose!


The space under your stairs may be the untapped space your clutter needs. But with such a small and angular portion of space, you will also need to be innovative about how you choose to use this space. We’ve come up with 5 of the best ideas on how to best utilise this hidden space.

Under Stairs Cupboard Storage

Why not extend your kitchen storage to underneath the stairs? If you have no space for a pantry, this could be a substitute space, where all your dried ingredients are stored. Alternatively, place all your teas, coffees, or baking supplies in this handy and hidden storage cupboard area. Under stairs cupboard storage can be used for anything you want to be accessible while out of your way.

Woman placing glass jar in white shelving unit.

Reading Nook

While storage can be useful, you can also utilise under stair space in a way you can enjoy. A comfortable bench with space for your favourite books is the perfect way to enjoy a little more of your home. Add some comfortable pillows, some good lighting, and you have the ideal relaxation corner. Creating a new zone for your reading or another hobby might even encourage you to practise your hobby even more often, excellent for those new year's resolutions.


Under Stairs Laundry Room

There’s no getting around it, laundry needs doing. If your home is without a dedicated laundry room, under the stairs can be the perfect storage solution for your laundry machine and detergent. With enough space, your laundry items can remain out of sight using cupboard doors while also providing counter space for folding or getting rid of stains.

Piles of clean towels and wicker baskets as laundry storage.

Under Stairs Shoe Storage

A hidden storage drawer for shoes under your stairs is an excellent way to ensure even the smallest of areas is utilised to your advantage. Climbing slide-out storage can fit any orientation of the staircase. This can be as large or as small as you require and ensures your extra or rarely used shoes are stored somewhere warm and dry. Your shoes and boots can be kept neat and away from dust and dirt in under stairs shoe storage. This can even be used under staircases that bend, or in conjunction with other storage ideas that take up more room.


Work From Home Area

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have all been trying to figure out where it is that we work best. If you enjoy working from home but have been sitting with your laptop on your knees, it might be time to create a home office space for you to work from. Under your stairs could provide the ideal and temporary desking solution for your home. 

If you need to hide more of your clutter than will fit in your new under stairs storage solutions, Easistore is here to help. Our household storage units are the perfect place to store those prized possessions you just don’t have the space for. Get a quote to reserve your ideal storage solution today.

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