Top Tips For a Garage Sale

Top Tips For a Garage Sale

A garage sale will allow you to kill two birds with one stone - clear away unwanted clutter and make some extra money. To make sure you get the most out of it, however, you will have to plan in advance and get organised. Here are our top tips for a successful and stress-free garage sale.

Advertise it

There's nothing worse than planning a garage sale for weeks... only to have nobody show up. Make sure your local community is well aware of it by creating a Craigslist ad a few days before and posting on your town's or community's Facebook page. Make date, time and address clear, and try to be as precise as possible when naming the objects you're selling. The night before the sale, hang up bold, neon arrows and signs around your neighbourhood so that shoppers know exactly which way to head. Make sure they're big enough to be seen from a distance, or they will be easily missed.

Group items

When displaying your items, make sure you group similar items together, as you would see in a retail shop. Have separate departments for electronics, tools, books, toys, kitchen items, and add signs to identify them quickly. A well-organised sale makes it much easier for customers to find what they're looking for and is a sign that what's being sold has been well cared for. 

Don't forget the change

Make sure you have plenty of coins if you don't want to lose a potential buyer because you have no change for them. Avoid using a money box, as it could be left unattended, and carry the money in a fanny pack instead, trying to keep coins and notes separate.

Price everything right

Price each item individually, or, if you have a group of items that you intend on selling at the same price, place them on a table or in a box together with a sign saying the price you've settled on. Make sure your prices aren't too low or too high by researching similar items on eBay, and making yours 10 to 20% cheaper. Be prepared to haggle, and determine beforehand what the lowest price you're willing to sell at is. Make deals towards the end of the day, to try and sell all of your remaining items.

Let shoppers shop

While it's important to be friendly and polite, avoid looking pushy by trying to chat with everyone and providing them with the information they did not ask for. Create comfort by greeting the shoppers with a friendly hello and a smile, then let them shop - if you're following them around or staring at them from a distance you'll make them feel pressured and potentially lose a sale. Make yourself identifiable so that if anyone has questions, they'll know to ask you.

Create a relaxed atmosphere

Make shoppers feel welcomed and relaxed by having some music playing in the background, and offering some drinks and snacks. You can have your children making coffee and handing out biscuits and cake - it will make the shoppers feel more at ease, and make them stay for longer... which means more sales for you!

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