Top 5 Tips for Moving in Together

Top 5 Tips for Moving in Together

One of the biggest steps you will take in your relationship is moving into a house or flat together. Living in each other’s company every day can be a real test of the lasting qualities in your relationship.

Even if you already spend a lot of time together, living with each other on a permanent basis might change your perspective on one another for better or worse! Although there’s no guarantee that it will work out quite how you want it to, by following some of these simple steps, you could well be on your way to cohabiting bliss.

Be open about your habits

A common reason that things don’t work out when a couple moves in together is that you might both have different expectations of one another. It can be hard to tell a person’s habits if you have never lived together before. You might not be expecting the messy roommate that moves in. This can cause problems for the both of you because we all have our routines and ways of living. The best way to resolve this from the start and make sure it doesn’t become an issue is to be open and honest with each other about your living habits. If you like to keep a clean home then let them know from the start before they move in and cause a mess!

Make sure it’s for the right reasons

It’s important you make sure that you actually have a reason for moving in together. In a lot of cases, it can be something that just simply happens over a period of time. You might spend the weekends staying over, or you might end up keeping a spare toothbrush there, and things just develop into living together. Whether you’re moving in as a test of your long term relationship potential, or you’re doing it for the benefits of financial reasons, it is worth agreeing on this from the start and talking about it so you don’t just end up living together.

Sort out what you can and can’t bring

You will more than likely have your own personal effects that you want to bring with you. However, depending on how large or garish these items are, they may not be a welcome addition to the rest of the furniture. You are also likely to have similar items, such as toasters or kettles, so it is worth working out exactly what you need to bring with you. If you are reluctant to simply throw your old items away, then you may want to think about affordable storage solutions for the items that you can’t bring with you.

Be prepared to redecorate

If you or your partner is moving into an existing home, then you may need to consider redecorating. An important part of settling into your new surroundings is to make sure you feel at home. You should both have a sense of ownership and your partner may still feel like a guest if you don’t make any changes to your home. If you’re moving into an existing home then you may also dislike the way the house is decorated. If you have a feminine style in the bedroom for example, then your partner might not feel comfortable in the room. It can be worth making some sacrifices to make sure that you both feel comfortable in the home.

Give each other space

The honeymoon period of moving in together can often be great spending so much time in each other’s company. But you might find that after a few weeks you start crave your own space and time apart again. It is important that you give each other space and still maintain your old lifestyle. Although you have to make adjustments when moving in together, everyone needs their own space sometimes to see friends or just to relax. By having some space to yourself once in a while you may also appreciate the time you spend together more.

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