Tips for Moving into a New Office

Tips for Moving into a New Office

Although an office move can be a big change and at times it can prove to be very hard work, there are benefits. Moving office can improve staff performance, change the perception of the company and allow the business more opportunity for growth. Strategic planning is key to making the move a successful one, so it is important to plan in advance. Here are 5 tips for making your office move simple.

Plan and schedule

When moving into a new office, it is very important to get a jumpstart on your planning. Starting the planning process early will remove extra stress, and will, therefore, ensure an organised, painless move. Consider planning roughly 6 months (or more!) ahead of your move. Ensure to plan which items are going where in the new office and how you will arrange things.

To get really ahead of the game, perhaps design a floorplan to figure out the right layout for your new office. It is also important to keep your staff updated during the planning process so that they can prepare themselves, and also offer any support or ideas for helping the move go smoothly. 

Label boxes

Labelling boxes may seem pretty obvious, but it is essential when planning any sort of move. When you arrive at your new office, it is a lot easier to unpack by department, so label each box with which department they will be in.

Remember to label the sides of your boxes, not the tops! This way you can easily identify what is in each box, even when they are stacked up. Although labelling can add a little extra time to the moving process, it will save you a ton of time when you’re getting settled into the new office.

Assign staff

Whilst you may have a moving company to take care of most of the big things, it is very handy to have each person responsible for their own desk space. Encourage staff to pack up their things over a period of time, otherwise, you’ll have everyone scrambling at the last minute.

By assigning everyone to sort their own space, the move-out process is sped up. Ensure that staff have enough time to pack up their desk items before the move and be sure to have them take all personal possessions with them, to save any confusion.


Although moving into a new office can be fairly costly, it shouldn’t drain your wallet. Calculate a reasonable budget before moving to ensure that you don’t go overboard when spending money. When calculating your budget, consider factors such as the moving company fee, insurance and other extra charges.

Make sure you have enough space

Look at the dimensions of your new office space and consider whether your current items will fit. Get the dimensions of your largest items first and work out if they’ll fit in your new office. 

If not, consider investing in some business storage space. It is a cost-effective way of keeping items without completely throwing them out. However, if you have useless items which are unnecessary don’t hesitate to have a clear out, as you don’t want to fill up your new office space with excess items.


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