5 Tips for Getting Organised When Downsizing Your Home

5 Tips for Getting Organised When Downsizing Your Home

People choose to downsize for many reasons. Some couples decide to move to a smaller home when their children have all left home, others to live more simply and cut down on costs. Some people need to downsize when moving to a different area where property may not be as affordable as where they previously lived.  Whatever the reason, getting yourself organised and ready to move to a smaller home can be a tricky process. Our blog offers 5 tips for getting your home organised, so you can painlessly move to a smaller property.

Plan as early as possible

If you decide you want to look for a smaller home, get started planning as soon as possible – ideally before you make an offer on a property or even put your house on the market. Clearing your home of unnecessary clutter will not only mean you’re more prepared to move, but it will also make your home appear larger to potential buyers.

Think about which items you simply cannot part with and map out which rooms you will tackle first. A timeless tip is to tackle one room at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the entire house. While going through items, think about which items you want to take with you, which items you need but may not have room for, and which items you can donate, sell or throw away.

Assess bulky items first

One of the easiest ways to clear up space for your new, smaller home, is to think about which large and bulky items you can get rid of. In a larger home, some furniture might not seem big, but when you get it into a smaller property it might seem much too large. Think about the size of the home you’ll be looking to move into, which should bring some scale to your comparison.

You might find it best to swap overstuffed chairs, large cabinets or a full-size dining table with smaller alternative options. These smaller items will also be much easier to pack and move when moving day arrives!

Tackle the clutter hotspots

Once you’ve decided which bulky items you can part with, the next call to action is to tackle the clutter hotspots. Areas like the garage, shed, basement, wardrobes, loft and the cupboard under the stairs can easily become clutter hotspots.

Throughout the years, it’s so easy to chuck unused or broken items into a corner of the garage and then forget about them. Most of us are also guilty of having a corner of the wardrobe stuffed with old or ill-fitting clothing. Over time, the clutter accumulates, and you’re left with an abundance of items you should have got rid of a long time ago. Go through these spaces one at a time, and don’t be afraid to be ruthless. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you can get rid of in the process.

Get the family involved

If you’re going to be downsizing because your children have left home, you’ll undoubtedly be left with some of their belongings. Whether your children are off at university or are adults with homes of their own, there are always miscellaneous items that get left behind.

If your children are able to, it’s best for them to come and go through their items themselves. This means you won’t have to guess about which items to keep or get rid of and should help eliminate the risk of accidentally getting rid of something they want to keep. If your children aren’t able to do this, you can send them photos of items they have left behind so they can walk you through which things they can’t part with. 

Store, donate or sell

By this point, you’ll know exactly which items have made your “take” list. Now you need to decide what to do with everything else. For items you can’t part with but know you won’t have room for in the next house, a great compromise is to put them in a self storage unit. This way, the items aren’t cluttering up the new home, but you can still get to them at any time. Items such as seasonal decorations, suitcases, or bicycles are just a few examples of items that are perfect to keep in storage.

For any other items that you won’t be taking, but also won’t be disposing of, you should get creative. Look into local charity shops where you can donate the items, or you could sell the items at a boot fair to make a little extra cash.  

If you’re planning to downsize your home and need to make use of self storage, get in touch with us. We offer flexible terms and different sized storage units to suit your needs.

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