The Top 5 Holiday Packing Tips

The Top 5 Holiday Packing Tips

We are vastly approaching the summer holiday season, but before you are able to get yourself on that well-needed break you must first survive the dreaded packing. Yes, it seems like a chore and additional stress you could really do without. But what if I were to tell you; it really can be made easy? By following these brilliant packing tips, you’ll be packed, ready and raring to go before you know it. So why not give it a try? Unless you enjoy the last minute rush before you go away…

Make a list

Firstly; you need to make yourself a list. It really does make your life that much simpler when you’re getting yourself ready to go on holiday, as with all that is going on, you’re bound to have a million and one different things going on in your head. Then to ensure that you are giving yourself the best chance to not forget something, we suggest you make a list of everything you need and want to take. You can even tick it off once you have seen it go into your suitcase (never tick it before you see it safely in your case). By creating a list you can make sure you know exactly where everything is for you to pack, including any clothing you need to wash, as once you identify and note down what you want to take, you can then make sure everything is washed, prepped and ready to go.

Roll your clothes

Secondly, to maximise your case space you should consider rolling your clothes into your suitcase rather than folding each item. As by rolling these items as tightly and securely as possible, it will help create so much more room for you to make use of. Once you have rolled up each of your items, you can use rubber bands around them to ensure that they do not unroll and crease. This really does make the whole process much easier and it provides you with an ideal space saving technique.

Fill up your shoes

When you are packing for a holiday you need to ensure you are minimising the amount of space you are using in every possible way. In order to achieve this , you should use the inside of your shoes as additional storage, anything that can fit inside your shoes, store them there. Every little helps when you’re packing your suitcase.  If you are worried about objects getting stuck in your shoes then fill up your socks then place them inside your shoes. Either will work wonders for you, and make this whole process much more straight forward.

Have essentials in hand luggage

It’s always best to ensure that you are prepared for the worst case scenario, and let’s be honest, sometimes bags can go missing. For that reason make sure all your valuables are kept with you in your hand luggage. From your iPod to your camera, It’s just the safer option; I mean why take the risk?

Use cling-film and tape to withstand liquid leaks

Bottle damage can sometimes be unavoidable; however, you can stop the leaking getting to your clothes and other items with simple home accessories. You can use items such as cling-film and tape to prevent any major leaks within your suitcase, by just taking off the lids from liquid bottles and adding a small layer of cling-film. Then when you put the lid on, use tape to cover the gap where the lid will then join the container. By doing this you can then travel, knowing there will be no leaks or spills.

Now, the next time you have to begin packing remember these 5 tips and it will guarantee your packing will be completely stress-free; setting you up for the perfect break away… So enjoy! 

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