The Best Office Storage Options

The Best Office Storage Options

Is your workplace calling out for some new storage? Step into the new year with a clean, organised office which utilises every aspect of space.

Rotary storage units 

Rotary storage units are exactly what it says in the name. They offer more storage than a traditional filing systems, meaning that they are ideal for limited spaces. The fact that the units are rotary means that you can reach both sides of the cabinet whilst standing in a single place. This means that there is fast retrieval of files. Not only this, but they also have fast assembly to avoid disruption when they are being installed.


Lockers are a simple, reliable way of maximising storage space in your office. They are a key feature of pretty much any school, office, leisure centre etc, due to their ability to hold belongings securely without ruining the appearance of the room. Lockers can be used in the office to store personal property or files. You can install lockers either in the office itself or in the hallway.

Library shelving

Shelves can be used to store files and archives within your office. They are relatively cheap to purchase and install, and some can even be handmade depending on the materials that you have available to you. Size and space of the shelves can be altered depending on the space available in your office as well. You can make your shelves look great by further decorating with office plants and small knick-knacks. If you’re going for a more minimalist approach then we suggest keeping clutter to a minimum. You can do this by filling the shelves with dividers and baskets to store items in.

Go paperless

This may seem an obvious option when it comes to office storage, but going paperless in the workplace can reduce the overall need for storage. It’s time to say goodbye to random scraps of paper and cluttered notebooks. Working paperless will not only improve your organisational skills, but it also makes it a lot easier to transfer work between colleagues. Apps such as Evernote and Google Keep will enable you to take notes faster, and will even let you sync them across your various devices. You can also share files in the cloud to help reduce the need for paper in the office. You can do this by using tools such as Dropbox.

Use wall space

If you sit next to a wall, then don't let the valuable space go to waste. Shelving units are a great way to store your office supplies, whilst decluttering your much-needed desk space. If you use paper in your office, then it is worth considering putting up a pinboard. Simply hang one on some empty wall space where it is easily accessible, and pin important pieces of work there. If you want to be really organised, try colour coordinating with wall pins. If you are looking to declutter and organise some paper mail, then a wall mail station is a great idea. You can purchase these online, or if you're feeling crafty you can create your own. 

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