Summer Interior Trends for Your Home

Summer Interior Trends for Your Home

Summer is here! Is your home up to date with the latest interior trends? Summer is the perfect time to renovate and refresh your home. The days are longer, and paint dries faster in the warm weather. The environment you live in has the power to transform your mood. Making seasonal changes and jumping on the waves of changing trends to ensure your space is always on trend is a fun project.  Refresh and rejuvenate your house into a home.

Remember not to throw away décor items you love just because you’re giving your home a makeover – you can always place them in self-storage. Refresh and rejuvenate your house into a home this summer with our tips on the latest trends in design and colour palettes.

Top Trends this Summer


Sustainability is a trend that will endure the test of time. Recent environment-related research has made the public more conscious about our impact on the planet. Materials that are environmentally friendly have been promoted such as bamboo, cotton, and wood.

Biophilic interiors, like living walls, have become popular. Clever ways of using limited space in urban areas and bringing nature indoors are encouraged. Cosy Blankets are great for the inevitable summer chill and in preparation for the colder seasons. Blankets on, heating off.

Recycled DIY decoration is also gaining in popularity. Who knew an empty whisky bottle would be useful? Finding a way to give an unwanted or unused object a new lease of life by transforming it into a decorative item is a fantastic and simple sustainable switch. 

Mid-century Modern

This evergreen trend has manifested itself again this summer due to its simplicity, chic and sleekness in design. Mid-century modern additions to your home are the perfect way to inject some retro style into your contemporary space. Ercol, Eames, and Arne Jacobsen are names who have been credited for contributing towards this design movement. This design movement is characterised by low-to-the-ground furniture, a neutral palette, and the incorporation of graphic patterns and geometric shapes.

70s Scandi Chic

The 70s are back in the form of Scandi Chic. This fun rejuvenation of 70s interior is appropriately modernised with elements of bohemian design and minimalism.  It is characterised by the following:

-          Earthly colour palette

-          Geometric prints

-          Natural materials



Framed with line art and the absence of clutter, minimalism is a growing trend. Research has found a link between clutter and poor mental health. According to Christina Scalise, professional organiser, “clutter is like a physical representation of a to-do list”. This is an easy trend that won’t eat into your wallet. Keep your essentials only.

Scandi Noir

This is a modern, dark and interesting interpretation of Scandinavian interior. Scandinavian interior design is noted for its simplicity yet functionality - the use of natural materials like leather, wood and hemp sets this apart from other schools of design. Scandi Noir is characterised by its sharp shapes and dark colour palette of varying shades of matt colours. There is an element of stripped back Gothic in this Noir as it elegantly transforms the mood of Scandi design with a palette of desaturated dark colours.  

Art Deco glamour with a Nautical Twist

Nautical vibes have been igniting a lot of different trends, from the colour of the year Coral to scalloped furniture. Comfortable yet opulent; these trends have seemingly sprung from the seat of Art Décor. Characterised by the following:

-          Velvet lined sofas

-          Marble

-          Gold accents

-          Scalloped furniture

-          Coral

Interior Colour Trends

Interior colour experimentations are a good way to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate our space in a minimal, non-committal way. You don’t need to paint your walls. Even a few small thoughtful pieces (i.e. matching curtains, art, dishware and fabrics) can, in unison, transform the style of your room.  

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