Summer Cardboard Box Craft Ideas

As storage experts, you might also consider us box experts. And with the summer holidays drawing to a close, you may be finding yourself struggling for ways to keep the kids entertained - especially if you’re juggling working from home. If you need a few ideas to keep the kids focussed and doing something creative, then we have some fantastic summer cardboard box craft ideas for you. 

Most of us have at least one box sitting around the house, whether it’s because we’ve just moved, ordered something online, or brought some items home from a storage unit. Whatever the reason, a box can transport a child to a fairy tale world or a galaxy far, far away with a few craft products and a little imagination. 

Building Model

Creating a model of a building, or dreaming up their very own architectural creation, is a fantastic activity for slightly older children. All that’s required for this project is a cardboard box, pencils, tape, hobby knife, and a picture of a building to be inspired by.  Children can sketch out the building’s features directly onto the cardboard, then get help from an adult to cut out the different pieces and shapes of cardboard. Then they can tape the pieces together to create their final product of a model building. 

Racecar or Spaceship

Just about every child has dreams of speeding along a racetrack or maybe even exploring space, the final frontier. Making a racecar or spaceship out of a decent sized cardboard box not only offers a fantastic craft activity, but also hours and hours of imaginative play after, which is a double win for parents trying to keep their children entertained at home. 

All that’s needed for this activity is a box large enough for a child to sit in, markers, glue, craft paper, and paints - or whatever your child would like to use to decorate their vessel. Children can add wings, round cutouts for tyres, and even controls within the box to act as a steering wheel or a spaceship’s command centre. All that’s left to do is get creative and imaginative once your child’s creation dries. 


What childhood is complete without the memory of creating a fantastic box fort? For this activity, you’ll ideally need a few large boxes, the type that appliances are delivered in - if at all possible. The joy of childhood is that one box is more than enough, but the more the better. Children can cut holes in the sides of the box to act as windows, decorate the inside and outside with anything you have lying around. Battery operated fairy lights for illumination, a tea towel for curtains - just use what you have available and allow your child to get as creative as possible. If you do have more than one large box, you can cut out sides to allow for tunnels in between the different boxes, allowing for a multi-roomed fort. What child wouldn’t dream of this?

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