Storage Hacks for Your Summer House

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Additional space is a premium, and if you are lucky enough to own a summer house, this can be the perfect place to store garden items that often only come out during the warmer months. To help turn your summer house into an organised storage haven, we’ve put together a helpful guide on the best storage hacks for you.

Build Some Shelving

It is rare that summer houses come with any kind of shelving or wall hooks, so start your transformation by measuring up your space with a measuring tape. Once you know the sizes you require, you can either create your own shelves with hardware materials or buy some pre-made from a DIY shop. Shelving is a brilliant way of organising your belongings, as you can make full use of both the added height and width. Try storing watering cans, plant pots or tools to keep them off the floor and out of the way.

Plants on custom shelving for summer house storage

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Top tip: If you have an old bookcase that is no longer of use, try putting it into your summer house. The shelves make great use for storing smaller items such as gardening tools or paint pots. 

Recycle & Repurpose

It is more important than ever to improve recycling efforts, and there is no better way to be sustainable than to repurpose. A great example of sustainable storage is to use wooden pallets in your summer house, as they make for an easy storage solution. Simply turn the pallet on its side, and voila! You have a purpose-built storage area for spades, rakes, and pliers. You can even bang some nails into the side to create additional hanging storage for items with handles. 


Garden maintenance upcycled storage hack

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Another example is to reuse old mason jars or pots to store smaller items, such as paintbrushes or screws. The clear glass makes it easy to see exactly what is inside, making it simple to get what you need. 

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Utilise All The Space

Many people often put bulky items in their summer house, making it hard to step foot inside and find what you need. By utilising the walls, doors and even outside of the summer house, you will open up the floor space and create more room to store your items. 

Wicker baskets, storage cubes and hooks are great options to add to your doors for extra space. Also, consider adding shelving to the outside of your summer house for your potted plants. Not only does this create a great place to keep your plants, but you can also make the exterior of your summer house look brilliant. 

Create Portable Storage

The best hack for your garden summer house is to create a portable storage box for the items you will be using more regularly throughout the year. Save unnecessary trips to and from your summer house with a garden tote, which can be simply made with old baskets, a tray, or even a vintage milk carrier. This is the ideal place to store seeds, gloves and other gardening items. 

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