Smart Storage Solutions to Help Grow your Business

Smart Storage Solutions to Help Grow your Business


If you have your own business then you might be worried about having enough space to fit in your stock, computers, stationary, and even staff. This is a common problem for smaller businesses and start-ups. It can be hard to commit to premises on expensive short-term contracts, while buying stock in bulk is far more profitable when your margins are small.  As a company grows, so too will the merchandise or inventory that you hold. This is an essential part of your business. The problem lies in finding room for this extra stock. I know we're biased, but self storage could provide the perfect solution for your business.

Are you a start-up?

If you’re starting up a new business then you may be looking for more temporary solutions than long-term ones. You will likely want to keep costs down and not be tied into any long contracts, but still want to grow. Self storage provides the perfect solution to this with a number of benefits to small businesses.

While many people starting a business often look for office space to rent and make their own, this can be expensive if you find yourself outgrowing your premises in a short space of time. Self storage offers a range of features that can benefit start-up businesses such as;

  • No fixed contracts - You only need to pay for the storage space as long as you need it.
  • More flexible - You can decrease or increase the amount of space you will need.
  • Highly secure - With 24-hour surveillance you can rest assured that your stock is safe.

What other types of business can benefit?

All kinds of businesses can benefit from using self storage as a temporary measure to help grow their company. There is also a wide range of different storage sizes to suit both large and small businesses. Self storge can provide a number of benefits to your company.

  • Mail order distribution - Selling products online has become a huge business and many people work full time selling products exclusively through Amazon Marketplace or other online retailers. Self storage can provide somewhere to store your items and allow you to buy larger amounts to increase your profit margin. You can also mail your products from one central location.
  • Stock overflow - Self storage can be the perfect solution if you are looking for somewhere to store your bulk stock. Many businesses operate on a seasonal basis and you might need extra space to store all of the stock. You may simply not have space at your office or premises to store your entire inventory during the busier periods, but don’t want to pay for a larger space all year round.
  • Bulky items - If you find it difficult to move bulky items and don’t have the space to store them, then self storage could be the solution. Many storage facilities have drive-up units so that you can easily unload and load vehicles. This can be beneficial if you operate your own decorating or building services and are looking to store some supplies.

Are there any negatives?

Self storage is perfect for all kinds of businesses and needs, but there may be drawbacks depending on your set-up. For example, if you are looking for a long term fixed solution, self storage may not be as cost effective as moving to a larger premises.

There are plenty of reasons that you should consider self storage for your business. Easistore provide a range of storage options and even office space to rent, so you can get the best of both worlds!

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