Small Bathroom Storage Ideas to Save Space in Your Home

Small bathroom storage ideas saving space

Bathrooms are an integral part of any home and it’s probably the room in the house that you want to keep clean and tidy. But there is never a great amount of storage space in bathrooms which means it can be difficult to find space for all of your toiletries, cleaning products and other bathroom essentials. If you have a small bathroom then this problem gets even worse and you can find your bathroom becoming very quickly cluttered. However, there are some simple tips and tricks that can allow you to make space in your home. Read more in our guide to small bathroom storage ideas.

Maximise Shelf Space

One way that you can expand the amount of storage in your bathroom is to maximise the shelf space with towel racks, basket shelving and floating shelves to use up the wall space that is available with storage. Having open shelving rather than mirrored cabinets can also keep your bathroom space looking bigger and more open. It also means that your bathroom space doesn’t feel as closed in.

Maximal bathroom storage ideas space

Dedicated Cleaning Cupboard 

Although it might make sense to store bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom, these often take up a large amount of space leaving not much room for toiletries. To free up some space in small bathrooms you could have a designated cleaning cupboard where you store all cleaning products for the entire household. Use something like a caddy to store cleaning products so you can easily carry them around the house and to the bathroom when you need to clean. 

Organise Toiletries & Products

One way that you can save more space in a small bathroom is to organise your toiletries and bathroom products into groups that you will need more regularly. For example, soap, shampoo and shower gels should be organised together as you will regularly need these for washing. But things like bath salts, body butters or face masks are not needed every day and can be stored in a cupboard or drawer.

Choose Furniture Carefully

You should also make sure you carefully consider what furniture you are going to use in your bathroom, as some pieces might not have as much storage as others. Under Sink cupboards can add a good amount of storage but you might need to fit a new sink to make full use of this. You can also get mirrored cupboards and also different types of shelving units for the bathroom. Make use of all available space with the right kind of furniture.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas to Save Space in Your Home

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