Securing Your Home While on Holiday

Securing Your Home While on Holiday

There’s nothing quite as bad as coming back home from a relaxing holiday in the sun to find that burglars have broken into your house and stolen your most prized possessions. All you can do at that point is try not to panic and notify your home insurer, but, as they say, prevention is better than the cure… Next time you leave for a holiday consider taking these simple precautions, and you’ll enjoy your time off – and your return home – a lot more.  

Mind who you tell

The first thing we tend to do as soon as we know we’re going on a holiday is tell everyone – friends, family, the neighbours, and maybe even the lady we’re talking to in the queue at the supermarket. Bragging makes us feel important, but the problem is that you never know who that person might tell. Try not to broadcast your upcoming absence, only letting close friends and family know – you can show off your tan to your acquaintances once you’re back.

Another thing many of us are guilty of is posting pictures of our holiday on social media while we’re away. This is even worse than real life broadcasting – it’s hard to control who can read what on the internet, and you don’t want everyone to know your house is currently sitting empty. So try and resist the urge, and stick to posting about your holiday only once you’re back.

Don’t leave the house looking unoccupied

A clearly empty house will look very inviting to burglars – which is why you should create the impression that you are, in fact, home. Cancel any regular deliveries or ask your neighbour to collect them for you, as well as any free newspapers and leaflets, and mail, if they can be seen through a glass panel or through the letterbox. Mow the lawn before you leave, and, if you’re away for a long time, ask your neighbour if they can do this for you every once in a while, as well as watering any plants.

Leave curtains and blinds open as they can be a straight giveaway, and, instead of leaving a light constantly on, consider buying a timer switch that comes on whenever you want it to. A security light with a sensor that comes on at night when someone is close to your house is also likely to discourage burglars.

Keep your valuables out of sight

Make sure that all your valuables, including TV, computer, and any keys, are well out of sight and reach – they should be nowhere near your windows and letterbox. Consider finding hiding places for smaller items such as jewellery, but remember that burglars know all the tricks – the kitchen cupboard is rarely going to work. You might want to distribute your valuables around the house so that if burglars do get it, they won’t be likely to find everything.

Lock everything

This might seem obvious, but make sure that everything is properly locked – not just your front door, but your garage and all your windows. Forget leaving your spare key under the doormat, and leave it with a friend or relative instead, so that they can go and check that everything is alright should you need them to.

Consider self-storage

If you are going away for a long period of time and are worried about your valuables being safe, then you might want to consider self storage. We offer a wide range of facility sizes, from a locker to a 5-bedroom house and everything in between, for as little or as long as you want. This way, you can have complete peace of mind and truly enjoy your time away.

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