Safely Storing Your Antiques and Collectables

Safely Storing Your Antiques and Collectables

Whether you’re a collector or you’re simply holding on to a couple of antiques for their sentimental value, you surely understand the importance of storing them properly. In order to prevent damage and keep your items in the best condition possible, there are some precautions to take and some considerations to keep in mind. Follow our tips below, and you will never have to worry about your collectibles not being safe ever again!

Control temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity control is essential if you want to make sure your antiques will be well preserved. If the humidity level is too low, materials such as wood and paper can crack and become brittle, whereas if it’s too high metal items can rust and even grow mold. There should therefore be a good balance – humidity should be at around 50 percent. Temperature is just as important, and temperature fluctuations are particularly bad for preservation. The ideal temperature is around 20°C, and should not exceed 22°C.

Avoid direct light

Light can cause considerable damage to your antiques, specifically to paper, wood and textiles, as it can cause colours to fade and fabric to dry out. All items should be stored away from direct light, and, if you’re displaying them, make sure you keep the lighting as dim as possible. Even materials that appear indestructible (such as plastic) can be affected, so take your precautions before it’s too late!

Only wrap when necessary

Wrapping your collectibles in plastic or bubble wrap might seem like a good idea to prevent damage, but it’s important that you understand that it can actually ruin some items. Specifically if wrapped too tightly, restricting air exposure can cause humidity and dampness, causing damage to furniture, and wooden items. China and glass, on the other hand, can safely be wrapped in bubble wrap, but shouldn’t be too constricted.

Know when and how to clean

Knowing exactly how to clean your antiques, and when to do so, is also essential. Always make sure you do some research before going ahead and cleaning an item, and remember that brushing dust gently is often all that’s needed. Remember that excessive handling is likely to cause damage, so wear gloves and be gentle.

Choose self storage

Self storage is the best option if you have a collection you care deeply about, and no appropriate space for it at home. Easistore offers you complete climate controlled storage, so that your valuable items will be kept in top condition. Thanks to our Fire Detection Systems, C.C.T.V. and A.D.T Intruder Alarm we provide the safest and most secure storage facilities, as well as the option of purchasing an additional insurance. Our facilities are also climate controlled to ensure that your belongings are kept at the right temperature. If you’re looking for more information, get in touch with us today.

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