Romantic Ways to Spend Valentine's Day in Kent

It’s that time of year where we try to forget about all the annoying habits of our partner, and instead prove our underlying love and admiration. Valentine’s Day may have fallen under the national lockdown this year, but that doesn't mean that you can't make it extra special. Forget the supermarket flowers and the Cadbury’s milk tray, we’ve got some different Valentine’s options which offer a little twist on tradition to make your romantic gesture that little bit more memorable. Here are some of the best romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Kent (lockdown friendly, of course)

Go on a tranquil walk

Kent isn't known as the garden of England for no reason. From the immense white cliffs of Dover to idyllic countryside and stately homes, there are many beautiful country landscapes to admire on a relaxed Valentine’s Day walk this year. Here are just some of the many walks in Kent you can go on this Valentine’s Day:

Grounds of Scotney Castle

  • Sissinghurst Castle country estate

  • On the trail of Canterbury 

  • Margate to Broadstairs

  • The coastal desert of Dungeness

Plan an indoor picnic

Unless mother nature is on our side, it’s quite unlikely that we will have warm weather in mid February. Instead of waiting for the summer months to roll around, pack up a picnic and head to your kitchen or living room. Consider packing a traditional basket with local wine and cheese, and add some of your partners favourite treats. Once you’ve enjoyed your first bug and wet grass free picnic, you may never return to the real thing. 

Create a scrapbook

How many times have you returned from a holiday only to never print out all of your photo memories? Cuddle up together and spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing on all of the past adventures you've been on together. Make a scrapbook of your memories to keep them in one place. Not only is this a great way to hold all of your memories, but it also allows you to spend quality time with your partner. 

Take part in a cocktail making class

Shake up a storm with your partner by taking part in a virtual cocktail making class this Valentine’s Day. There are a number of great companies which can send you all the ingredients you’ll need to create your favourite cocktail, a long with an easy-to-follow video to help you make the best cocktails. 

Enjoy your favourite takeaway

It’s Valentine’s Day, so why not treat yourself and your partner to your favourite takeaway? There are plenty of independent restaurants in Kent which are still open during lockdown, providing us with some lovely takeaway meals. If you live near Bluewater Shopping Centre, the vast majority of chain restaurants are also open, meaning you can enjoy your favourite Nandos chicken or a fresh pizza from Pizza Express in the comfort of your home.

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