Recycling Tips for your home

Waste is a huge problem worldwide, and as our homes fill with clutter it is common to start clearing things out and throwing them away. But your first step should always be to think about if the item can be recycled instead of being thrown out and going to landfill. It can be confusing knowing exactly what can and can’t be recycled though, and many items can get refused from recycling. That’s why we have put together a guide with some recycling tips for your home to make sure you are being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Have a Recycling System

One of the best ways to make sure you are recycling things as much as possible is to have a recycling system in place. We often keep our larger recycling collection bins outside or in the garage but it is a good idea to have a smaller bin or reusable bag for recycling next to your main bin. We will often throw small pieces of paper and plastic in the normal bin as we can’t be bothered to walk outside to our main recycling bin to throw away our rubbish. But you can buy reusable bags for recycling that can sit next to your main bin and encourage the whole family to recycle as much as possible.

Which Plastics Can I Recycle?

It is a common misconception that all plastics are recycled but this is not strictly true and it's highly likely that a range of plastics collected by the council don’t actually end up being recycled. There are many plastics that are not often recycled as the process is too difficult or expensive for some councils. Some of the most common plastics you can recycle includes the following;

  • PET - water bottles and plastic trays

  • HDPE - shampoo bottles or milk cartons and similar

  • PP - butter containers and food trays

It is less common that PVC, LDPE and PE plastic products, which include piping, food bags and plastic cutlery are recycled. Things like crisp packets and plastic wrap are also very hard to recycle too but every council is different. So check for a list of approved plastics.

Extending the Mindset

We have now all been programmed to think about recycling our waste such as plastics, metals and cardboard but you should extend this mindset to all household belongings. If you are thinking about having a clear-out, then think about whether your clothes are recyclable or if they are in good condition, consider giving them to charity. You can even get some money for old clothes if they are in good condition so do some searching. Even electrical equipment is often recycled and reused so think about donating this to a children’s hospital or take it to a recycling point.

These are just some tips that can help make sure you are being as environmentally friendly as possible but there is plenty more you can do. However, if you have a lot of clutter you feel is just too good to throw out then you should consider self storage. Easistore can help with short or long term self storage to help you create some extra space at home.  

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