Quick Ways To Arrange Your Desk

Quick Ways To Arrange Your Desk

Arranging your own desk is not easy by any means. However, sometimes you just need to give it a good tidy and sort out. I mean if your desk is like a mine field  with pens, books, stacks of paper and office supplies then I think it’s time for you to sort out your desk and give it a good tidy.

Fortunately for you, we have a selection of brilliant tips to help you quickly and effectively give your desk a good sort out.

Start from scratch

It is extremely likely that you have tried to declutter your desk before, we all have. But for some reason or another, it just hasn’t quite worked out. So if removing little bits of clutter just isn’t working then maybe it is better that you start from scratch and then add the items you actually need to your desk and disposing of that is surplus to requirements. So, what I am suggesting is you begin by taking off everything that is on your desk and in your drawers and place it all into a box. After a few days, you will have picked out the items that you need when you use them. The rest is clearly not needed and can go straight in the bin.  

Re-consider your belongings

You should evaluate each of your different belongings that you have on your desk, consider what you really need and what you think can probably go. We begin to produce clutter as we seem to think certain things are important when they’re really not. So when you go through each of the items just ask yourself ‘is this really of any use to me?’ Is it something you are keeping because it is important and you need it? Or are you keeping it because one day it might come in handy? By asking yourself these questions it should give you a very clear understanding of how you see each item and whether it is something of any use to you.

Identify your trouble spots

It can be tough to look at your desk and surrounding work space and identify how cluttered it really is. So why not take a couple of pictures of your desk and take a look from a different perspective. You might surprise yourself. From a different perspective, it is likely that your clutter will stand out much more, in a way that in the real world you are unable to identify and pick out.
So, if you are struggling to identify your trouble spots for clutter, try taking a few pictures and see what you discover!

Enlarge your workspace

If you really do have too many important items that just cannot be disposed of, then naturally the next best thing for you to do is to enlarge your current workspace- or even add some additional storage instead.
Rather than going for a brand new desk there are alternative methods you can use. Such as raising up your monitor and making use of use of space underneath. It is important that you use every spare inch of space that you have, as long as it is tidy, out the way and organised for you then it will be much better for you that it is now.

Assign set places for items

One way to organise your desk successfully and ensure that each item you keep is in the correct place is to assign set places for different items, that way they are kept tidy and you know where everything is at all times. For example, small stationary equipment such as paperclips, tapes, and post-it notes can be stored in a small box in your drawer or beneath your desk. As once the items are out of sight, they are then out of mind, giving you clear focus to concentrate on the task at hand.

Now once you have tidied up and arranged your desk, the hardest task now is to maintain it and keep it clean, organised and tidy. So once you have finished using an item, then put it back in its designated spot or if you finish with something you probably won’t need again, just bin it.

Got any other suggestions on how you can keep your desk organised? Why don’t you comment them below?  

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