Quick Deep Spring Cleaning Tips

Quick Deep Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has sprung, so it's important to get the essential deep Spring clean out of the way. We understand that cleaning can be a chore, so we've got some quick cleaning tips to get your house clean, fast! 


The first rule of any deep Spring clean is to start with a good declutter. Without a clear house to work with, it will be difficult to get everything done. Have a sort through all of your belongings, making sure to throw away or store anything that you don't use so often. A good rule to follow is, if you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it. If you're struggling with storage in your home, perhaps investing in a self-storage service.

Clean Your Microwave

Sometimes when you open your microwave you can find yourself being greeted with an abundance of splatters and smear. If you're looking for a quick hack to get your microwave sparkling, you've come to the right place. We recommend using lemon juice to help clean the grime. Firstly start by slicing your lemon into quarters, squeezing the juice into half a cup of water. Make sure you put the remaining lemon rinds into the water as well. Make sure your cup is microwave friendly, as the next step is to microwave the mixture for three minutes. After the three minutes, allow the water to stand for five to ten minutes before you open the door. Doing this will trap steam in the microwave, which will loosen any dirt and grime. Remove the cup and wipe over any dirt. You will notice that this method requires less elbow grease and is really simple!

Get Rid of Shower Build-Up

If you're looking for an environmentally friendly way to clean your bathroom, then we suggest using vinegar. Due to its high levels of acidity, vinegar is amazing for dissolving scum and brines, making it especially good for cleaning in the bathroom. This scum can accumulate in your showerhead over a long duration, which may lead to reduced water flow. To clean your showerhead properly, fill up a plastic bag with white vinegar. Secure the bag around the shower, so that the showerhead is covered in the vinegar. You can keep the bag in place with an elastic band or hair tie. If you want the best result, leave the bag tied around the showerhead overnight, so give enough time to fully dissolve the scum. Take the bag off and dispose of the dirty vinegar. Then, run the water for ten minutes or so to remove all of the vinegar. 

Make Your Sink Shine

Is your stainless steel sink constantly smeary and covered in dirt? Well, we have a great tip to help your sink sparkle. Wet the sink with plenty of water, and pour bicarbonate of soda across. Grab a sponge and give the sink a good scrub. The bicarbonate of soda will lift any bacteria and will really give your sin a brilliant shine. Add salt to the sink as well if you're looking for something a little more heavy-duty. 

Get The Grill Gleaming

This tip may sound a little strange, but trust us on this one. Firstly heat up your grill, and then spray some white vinegar onto the grates. This step is essential, as it will loosen the residue that's already on there. After this step, grab half an onion. Use this as a sponge, scrubbing away at the residue that's on the grill. Like the white vinegar, onion is acidic and will remove any remnants of food and grease.

Clean The Rug

Do you have a pet that takes over your carpet? Then you must know what it's like to have pet hair everywhere on your soft rugs. Tirelessly hoovering isn't as effective as our quick tip. Use the rubber end of a squeegee to remove pet hair from your rug, and using a firm grip, you will be able to successfully remove the vast majority. You can then go over with the vacuum to remove the excess. 

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