Quick and easy ways to increase storage in your home

Quick and easy ways to increase storage in your home

One of the most common problems in the home is a lack of space. It is often given as the main reason for wanting to move home and we are constantly looking for more ways to increase the space we have. However, you don’t need to take such drastic steps as moving into a bigger home just to give you more space. There are plenty of quick and easy tips that you should try first to help make your home more spacious. We’ve compiled a list of simple solutions that will give you extra space and make your home feel fresh again.

Get rid of non-essential items

Everyone has at least a few things in their home that only get used a couple of times a year. But they often get left in a corner somewhere because we don’t know where else to put them, or we feel that they should be easily accessible. This usually includes things like paddling pools and other garden related things for the summer. Not all items need to be within reach, though, especially when they rarely get used. You should also take a look at how often some of the other items in your home are used, and think about storing them away or simply getting rid. With the growing popularity of digital music and the rise of streaming apps like Spotify, it might be time to consider getting rid of your old CD-player and hi-fi systems.


Multifunctional furniture

A quick and easy way to increase the storage space in your home is by using multifunctional furniture. There are some great ranges now that offer fantastic storage solutions for your home. A lot of modern living room furniture now offers great storage solutions so you can keep your home neat and tidy. By simply putting those DVDs and magazines away and out of sight, your home can feel much more spacious and tidy. Things like footrests that double up as storage, or TV stands with draws to offer extra storage are a great way to tidy the room.

Stack high

Your rooms and home will often feel less spacious if you have taken up a lot of floor space. Even by storing your items away in cupboards or storage boxes, a room can still feel small if there isn’t any floor space left. That is why it can be more effective to stack your belongings where possible to offer a quick way of creating more space. There are also some great tall storage units which can help you keep your living spaces tidy. Shelving is also a popular solution to the problem and frees even more space from your floors, depending on how much you need to store on them.

Declutter your spaces

A common problem in most homes is that we are all guilty of having too much clutter. This is one of the quickest ways to make your house more spacious, by simply decluttering your home you can bring new life into your living spaces. One of the easiest places to start with this is in the space that you use as your office area. Many of us don’t have the luxury of a separate office, which means the area that you use as your study will often get cluttered with papers and various other items. An easy way to create more space is by getting rid of anything you don’t need and storing other items away. By simply putting your laptop or printer in a cupboard when they are not in use, you can create a much more spacious area that can be used for other purposes.

Doing these things regularly might not seem like the easy option but it is more manageable than you might think. By simply decluttering your home once a month, you will be surprised by the amount of space that you could gain from it. If these tips don’t work, however, then you may simply have too many belongings to store effectively. You might want to consider one of our affordable storage options.

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