Preparing Your Home for Christmas

Preparing Your Home for Christmas

The Christmas countdown is on! With the holidays descending upon us, you’re probably in the process of getting your home ready for festivities and out of town family coming to stay. You’ll want your house to look full of the Christmas spirit, yet roomy enough for all your visitors. The process of preparing your house for the holidays can be an overwhelming one, but if you follow our tips, you’ll be ready in no time.


The first step in getting your home ready for the holidays is to declutter. This can be as simple as getting the kids to pick up after themselves and clearing the kitchen of post and other paperwork. But it’s important to remember that Christmas decorations, including the tree, garland and other decorative items can take up space. Because of this, it’s best to declutter the main living areas of your home before you get the decorations put up. You might find that some furniture will need rearranging or moving to make space for your Christmas tree.

You could start by packing away books and DVDs or decorative items that you display throughout the warmer months. This will all make room for your Christmas décor, and your house won’t look cluttered.

Get organised and clean

Once you’ve decluttered, this blank slate is the perfect time to give the house a good clean. You’ll want your home to be sparkling clean for visiting family or any holiday parties you’ll be throwing. Christmas decorations put up in a messy and disorganised home never have the same effect as when the house is tidy and organised.

Take the time go through your refrigerator and freezer and throw out anything that’s is expired or that you won’t be using to make room for all the Christmas food and drinks. If you have an extra fridge or freezer in the garage, make sure you clear this one out as well! Overflow food and drink storage is always important during the holidays.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to organise any rooms or cupboards that have been neglected throughout the rest of the year.


Now that the house is clean and organised, it’s time to get your decorations up! Nothing makes a home feel cosy and Christmassy like a well decorated tree and lots of cheerful colour.

Get the whole family involved by making some of your own decorations like paper snowflakes or ornaments for the tree. Remember that a wintry glow will really make your home feel cosy and festive, so don’t forget to include fairy lights and candles.

And don’t forget to decorate the outside of your house, too! Lights or a projector along with cheerful reindeer figurine will ensure you’re among the most festive houses on your street!

Guest Rooms

If you have family or friends coming to stay at your home over the holidays, you’ll want to make sure the guest room is clean and ready. Ensure that the chest of drawers and wardrobe have enough space for guests to store their clothes. Put your nicest sheets on the bed.

It’s always a good idea to bring some holiday cheer to your spare room to really put your guests in the spirit. Try hanging some fairy lights in the window, adding a Christmassy cushion or two to the bed, or even setting up a miniature Christmas tree on the bedside table to set the tone.

If you need help creating some space around your home this Christmas, our self storage units are ideal. So whether it’s extra furniture or the contents of your guest room wardrobe that need tucking away during the holidays, we have the perfect storage solution for you. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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