Perks and Challenges of Moving in the Summer

Perks and Challenges of Moving in the Summer

For many people, summer is considered to be the most desirable time to move house. The typically dry, mild weather and school break makes it an ideal time logistically to make the move for many people. That’s not to say, however, that moving in the summer doesn’t present its own challenges. 

 When it comes to moving, in many ways, you have very little control over when you’ll be packing up and going. When purchasing a house, the process can take months and can be slowed or sped up by any number of events. Someone in the chain can pull out, surveys can go through much quicker than anticipated, and a variety of other things can occur. So if your home purchase makes it look like you won’t be moving in summer - fear not. There are benefits to moving at other times of the year, too. Read on to discover our list of perks and challenges of moving in the summer. 


Family matters

For families with children that are still in school, a summer move is ideal - especially if you’re moving far enough away that your children will be changing schools. Moving during the summer means that your children won’t need to be pulled out of school, and it also means that they’ll have time to settle into their new surroundings before transitioning into their new life and school. 


Depending on where in the world you’re moving, the summer months usually present dry, warm weather. This presents good conditions for moving your precious belongings in and out of houses and vans, as well as cardboard boxes, which tend to go soggy in the wet weather! 

Of course, moving in the summer doesn’t guarantee dry, perfect weather. Summer storms are not uncommon and you may have to still take this into consideration, but hopefully you’ll have a better chance of a simple, weather-issue free move in the summer!

Daylight Hours

Another perk for moving during the summer is the excessive amount of daylight available to you. With the sun rising by 5am and not setting until about 10:30 in parts of the UK, and even more extreme in more northern areas, you’re guaranteed at least a minimum of 12 hours to do your moving. 

Moving during the winter months can mean the last hours of your move are conducted in the dark, which can be difficult and in some situations, present dangerous conditions. Moving large items in or out of a truck in the dark can cause someone to get injured, and at the very least, it’s difficult and inconvenient to do so. 



Just as weather is a perk for moving in the summer, it can also be a challenge. Summer temperatures can sometimes be extremely hot and humid, which can make moving an even more exhausting and stressful task than it normally is.  If you do have to move during a heatwave, remember to work in the shade as much as possible, drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks. 


For a number of reasons, finding the right date to move during the summer can be a challenge. Because it’s typically the most popular time to move house, you may find that removals companies can struggle to accommodate you or that the cost is higher than during other times of the year. Keep looking, ask for recommendations, and eventually you will find the right removals company. You may find that a short term storage unit could ease the burden of getting out of your old home in time, and we can certainly help you there. 

Finding the right date can also be tricky for a summer move because of holiday obligations. Holidays booked far in advance can end up being a burden if you then have to try and coordinate a big move around it. The best approach is to be as flexible as possible.


When moving during the summer, it’s important to keep our furry friends in mind. Even if the weather is not particularly hot, bear in mind that the temperature in a pet carrier, cargo area, or in the back of your car can be much warmer than the ambient temperature. You’ll want to ensure that you can keep your pet at a comfortable temperature so that they do not overheat, and have plenty of access to shade and water throughout the moving process. 

At the end of the day, moving will always present certain challenges, and you have to find the right approach to suit your move, whatever time of year it is. If you have a move coming up soon, you might want to look at our blog on Moving House During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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