Out Of Office With Sharon Groves

Out Of Office With Sharon Groves

‘Out of Office’ is our regular feature that takes a look at how members of our team spend their time away from Easistore. In this edition, we caught up with Sharon Groves, our Assistant Manager at Crawley to find out about her love for horses...

When did you start horse riding?

I started horse riding when I was 9 and living in Swaziland.

What made you start riding?

There was a woman who lived in the middle of nowhere who sent a minibus to the capital, Mbabane, to pick a few of us up to ride her horses a week, so that’s how I got started. I had to learn very swiftly how to stay on a horse who got his laughs by repeatedly tanking off with me in an orchard with lots of low branches.

Do you own any horses?

I have owned my coloured cob, Toby, for 12 years. I got him as a mother/daughter share and we had a few brilliant years of Pony Club and entering local shows and competitions. We added an Andalusian and a Shetland to our equine family 9 years ago, but they are now out on loan,

What's your favourite equine and why?

I’m a fan of the heavy horses. If I didn’t have Toby, I would get a Clydesdale. I have been on a couple of riding holidays and the best one was in the Lake District riding a fabulous Clydie across fields of sheep and through the hills, stopping for a pub lunch. Awesome!

Have you entered any events?

Recently I have entered one hunter trials competition and I hope to do another, but competing isn't my thing. I get the most enjoyment out of my hobby by entering 5-mile charity rides as they take place on land that is only opened for the ride, so there are some beautiful places to see, and usually include a jump or two; riding on the beach, or just using the show jumps, cross country course, and sand school at the yard with like-minded friends.

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