Out Of Office With Luke Davis

Out Of Office With Luke Davis

‘Out of Office’ is our regular feature that takes a look at how members of our team spend their time away from Easistore. In this edition, we caught up with Luke Davis from https://www.easistore.co.uk/storage-location-edenbridge to find out about his passion for unusual pets...

For a long a time I have had a passion for unusual pets, I used to own and care for a large number of reptiles, snakes & lizards.

Over the years this passion extended into invertebrates and my collection now has a lot more legs. My spare room is a small zoo, with easily over 50 different species ranging from tarantulas, centipedes and scorpions.

My wife takes more of a backseat when it comes to these creatures, and whilst she has a certain amount of fascination towards them I believe it comes with a certain amount of tolerance as well.

This collection has led to the creation of Fresh Arachnids Takeaway. We teach people how to care for and keep a wide range of invertebrates through our experience and research.

We attend two shows a year- the BTS show and the AES show. In between these shows, feeding all those fangs and of course renting space to people, I have been setting up a page which houses all our care information: https://www.facebook.com/FreshArachnidsTakeaway/ 

OK, a few facts –

- Bird eating spiders do not actually eat birds.

- Some tarantulas can go bald with age.

- Tarantulas actually have retractable claws on their feet, just like a cat.

- Scorpions glow fluorescent under ultraviolet light, it is unknown why.

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