Makeover Your Home Interiors Without Spending A Penny

Makeover Your Home Interiors Without Spending A Penny

In these current times, many of us are finding ourselves spending a lot more time in the house than usual. But is there a way to revamp your home interiors for free? A little can go a long way when talking about decor changes in the home. These small upgrades can make all the difference to your home, without spending a penny! Read on to find out what they are.

Rearrange your furniture

When updating the rooms in your house, simply changing around the furniture often goes amiss. Whether you're moving a chair, coffee table or having a complete re-jiggle, rearranging rooms can give them an all-new effect, boosting feelings of overall wellbeing. This simple practice can also bring a little excitement, as rearranged rooms can often look completely different.

Switch the lighting

A simple trick to give your home interiors a makeover is to change around the lighting. Changing the lighting can help to set a certain ambience, and also zone areas to enjoy reading or relaxing. Table and desk lamps project only a small amount of light, and can work well when you need to concentrate or focus. If you have a home office, perhaps consider moving a desk lamp into the space for this reason. Switch around your lamps to alternating corners, until you find the configuration you like best.

Move about your rugs

Who knew something so small could make such a big difference? Switching rugs between rooms, or even just turning them from vertical to horizontal to give a new perspective, can give a space an instant makeover. If you have a rug centred in the middle of a room, why not move it to the side, or slant it to a jaunty angle? The best thing about this hack is that it is quick, free and reversible. Just experiment!

Restyle shelves

Believe it or not, a simple shelf restyle can be highly effective in updating your home interior. Start by clearing the shelves, and sorting through things that aren't of any value or you don't use regularly. For the items you simply cannot find space for, perhaps consider investing in a self storage unit

Once you have decided on the items you wish to display on your shelves, give them a thorough dust and clean. Start to organise your belongings in a neat, curated way. You can do this by stacking books both vertically and horizontally to create a sense of space and dimension. Adding some nice plants is also a nice way to upgrade your shelving units. You can swap out decorative items with those used in other rooms to give things a fresh look.

Recycle and repurpose

Giving older furniture pieces a new sense of purpose is the perfect way to makeover your home interiors. Now is the perfect time to get creative with everything in your home, whether it's painting an old mirror, turning an old storage trunk into a stylish coffee table or using old stools as bedside tables. There’s something great to make out of any item, so release your inner creative interior designer! Even if you wish to make little changes, we guarantee it will make a huge difference to the appearance of your interior.

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