Make Decorating your Home Easier with Self Storage

Make Decorating your Home Easier with Self Storage

If you’re thinking about renovating or decorating your home, then you might also be thinking about getting builders in to help with the work. It can often be simpler to get somebody in to do the work for you if you’re lacking in DIY knowledge. But this comes with its own risks, such as how to protect your belongings against damage. The following blog post provides some tips on things you should consider when decorating or renovating your home.

Fragile Items

Any fragile items that you have around the house should be packed away so that they are not easily damaged; this can include items such as ornaments, crockery or even expensive desk lamps. Removing these items will help to avoid any accidental damage and will also mean that the decorators or builders won’t have to work around them.

The best thing to do with these belongings is to pack them away in cardboard or plastic boxes and store them out of the way. If you have a lot of fragile items then make sure you label the boxes to make it easier to unpack when the builders are finished working. If you are unsure how to pack these items, you should remember:

  • Don’t crowd items or pack too many into the same box, as this will increase the likelihood of your belongings breaking when being moved.
  • Make sure that the largest items are packed at the bottom of the box.
  • Use protective materials when packing the boxes such as bubble wrap or newspaper to create a cushion against knocks.

Cover Carpets and Furniture

Depending on the kind of work you are having done, you might need to move furniture out of the way. If you're unable to move the furniture, you should cover it with protective materials. Dust sheets work well in keeping furniture free from debris, but it's also worth protecting surfaces and corners with padding to prevent scratches and chips.

In addition to preparing your furniture for the renovations, you should also consider protecting your floors and carpets, as builders and decorators will most likely be walking around your home a lot. Most builders will put down dust sheets when they are working but it is worth checking to make sure that these will be provided. If not, we offer a range of protective bags and covers online that can help you.

Keep Belongings Out of the Way

Make sure that any belongings you have are kept out of the way of your builders to avoid accidental damage. If packed boxes are left in the renovation areas they can still be at risk, not to mention that excess clutter can be difficult for builders to work around. We recommend storing your belongings in an external shed or in rooms that the builders will not have access to.

However, if your renovation works are likely to go on for a prolonged period, self storage can be the perfect solution. While storing your items in a garden shed might seem like a convenient solution, the changes in temperature can cause damage to sensitive items like paperwork. 

Easistore provides a great range of storage solutions for short term and long term decorating plans; all storage units are climate-controlled, meaning that your belongings will be kept in perfect condition no matter the weather. If you need any storage boxes, protective packaging or packing supplies for your items or furniture, we have a full range available in-store or online here. Make sure you get in touch if you are looking for self storage.

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