Leaving University This Summer?

Leaving University This Summer?

For a lot of students they will be heading home after another year away at university, but, what happens when Mum and Dad come by to pick you and the 10 tonnes of belongings you have up? What items (or ‘evidence’ shall we put it) should be left behind in storage and what belongings should you pack to bring home with you this summer?

Here we look at different items that students won’t make use of this summer, and what are the most likely belongings they will stick into storage, making the drive home much less of a squeeze.

Bedroom Accessories

When you leave university you’ll be leaving your halls for 3 months and returning to the home you have grown up in, therefore what will you decide to do with all the different accessories and furniture you have installed to make your room as homey as possible? From the likes of chairs, cupboards, drawers and even your room TV, all of which will be no good to you back home as you’ll have your own TV and your own room fixtures. Therefore, why not save yourself the trouble of packing them all up and taking them home, only to not use any of the items and bring them back up with you 3 months later? There’s always items that you’ll make use of over time, but those belongings that are strictly university use only, such as your extra cupboards, spare alarm clock and TV will all be of no use to you this summer, so why not take those and put them in storage for the summer and make this whole process much more straight forward and simple for everyone involved.  

Unexpected Items

Throughout your time at university you acquire many items; they come in different shapes and sizes. At the time you think nothing of it, I mean why would you ever need to consider ways to get a six-foot long cardboard cut-out Will Ferrell home?  But come to the end of the year, you really do need to clear out all your belongings and head home. Despite different studies suggesting a lot of students would rather not take anything home, unfortunately, that’s not quite how things work. You need to go through your belongings from the life utilities to the crazy acquisitions you have made over the past 10 months and consider what you need, what can just go in the bin and what you feel would be perfect to go in storage for the summer. Before then setting off in the mission of squeezing every item you decide to keep in your car. Just remember if there are extremely large items you just can’t bear to take home then that’s what we are here for.

Fancy Dress/Costumes

Costume parties are becoming increasingly popular amongst university students, therefore many of you out there will have a wardrobe designed by Walt Disney, and when it comes to the end of the year and you begin to pack, what next?
This summer when you leave university there will surely be no use for any of your fancy dress costumes, from Darth Vader to Sandy from Grease, these items will be of no use to you when you return back home. So, instead of trying to make them fit into your suitcase and force them into the car boot, you may as well save yourself a bit of time and space and put them into storage for the summer, that way when you return in 3 months they’ll be right where they need to be, on hand for your next costume night out.

Cooking Equipment

Before you made the dreaded move to University last September you probably went out and bought yourself a whole new kitchen, but now you are approaching the end of the year this will not be as of much use to you at all, as your Mum and Dad have lived at home these past few months and don’t have any need for additional equipment such as this. So what will you decide to do with it all? If this is something you have close to no use for, for the next 3 months then why take it? Why go through all the hassle and stress trying to pack it all up, to take it home and bring it back in a few months. These necessities that are going to be surplus to requirements will be much better off being left in storage for the summer and brought back out in September.

So if you are moving home from university this summer, why go through the torture and stress of trying to fit every single item you have into the car to take home for a few months, only to then want to bring it all back up with you. Why not save yourself some time and stick the bulk in storage? After all, that’s what we’re here for!

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