Kids Crafts for the Summer Holidays

Kids Crafts for the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays have arrived again and your kids have got a long time off school. With such a long time off, it can be hard to find things to do with your children over the period. If you’re worried about them spending too much time in front of the TV or computer screens, then you’re not alone. But there’s no need to worry as there are plenty of DIY and craft ideas that you can do with your children that don’t cost a fortune. Here are just a few ideas of how you can keep your kids entertained over the summer holidays.

Mason jar money pot

This is a simple DIY project that can keep your kids entertained for a while and also has some value afterwards. Not only is it a fun craft idea but you can also encourage them to save some money at the same time. All you will need for this project is some empty mason jars, some paint and anything else you want to decorate the jar with. Let your child decorate the empty Mason jar as they wish, using paint, glitter, paper or whatever they choose. They will also be more likely to save some of their money if they have their own personalised money jar to fill up.

Cardboard marble maze

Another great idea to entertain your kids over the summer break is by creating a fun marble maze out of some old materials such as cardboard and straws. You can make the maze simple or hard depending on the age of your children and it can still be a fun idea. Simply glue some straws to the inside of a cardboard lid and create a start and finish to the marble maze. You can time your children and see how long it takes them to finish the maze so that they have a time to beat. 

Decorate a colourful kite

Here’s an activity that you can do outdoors and will also entertain your children over the summer break. It doesn’t cost too much to make and is great fun to do. All you will need are two flat 'ice lolly' sticks, some tissue paper and some string to create a kite. The kids can then decorate it how they want and it can provide hours of fun. There are more in-depth instructions here so that you can make a kite that is perfect for flight. It’s also a good idea to attempt to fly this on a windy day too, of course.

Homemade catapult

This is a fun idea that the kids will love and can provide hours of fun during the summer holidays. There are a number of ways that you can safely build a catapult, but a simple and fun idea is to build a marshmallow one. All you will need are some marshmallows, skewers, a plastic spoon and a rubber band. You could create your own designs and adjust it but this simple catapult can provide endless fun. This blog gives you more ideas on how to make the catapult and you could even create targets to try and hit. If you have a larger space then why not try making a larger catapult, using old plastic plant pots for feet.

Juice Carton Bird Feeder

A great craft idea that can also get your children interested in nature at the same time. All you will need for this fun craft activity is an empty chilled juice carton and anything that you wish to decorate it with. You will, of course, want to buy some bird seed to go inside the feeder but this is relatively cheap. Recycle the carton by cutting a hole in the centre on one side of the carton. You could also use a wooden stick or twig from the garden as a rest for the bird to land on. There’s plenty of inspiration online but this blog provides an easy to follow guide.

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