Items you should store before selling your home

Items you should store before selling your home

If you’re having trouble selling your house, then there might be a reason why. Selling your home can be a stressful experience but it’s made even worse when the process is dragged out and you are waiting to move.

One of the biggest reasons for people moving home is because they need more space. So if your house is cluttered and a buyer sees this, it can instantly put them off your house. When you put your home on the market you should consider how it will look to, a prospective buyer. There are some common items in your home that may be better off in storage and you should consider storing these away.

Seasonal clothes

When taking a look around your home, potential buyers will often take a look in cupboards and wardrobes to see how much storage space you can fit in your rooms. But if your wardrobes and such are full to the brim with clothes, your buyers might think that there isn’t enough space. However, the truth is that we often have more clothes than we actually need and our wardrobes become cluttered. This is also true of seasonal clothing as we no longer wear jumpers during the summer, but they still take up closet space because we have nowhere else to put them. Storing the pieces of clothing that you’re not going to need can create tonnes of free space and make your home look more spacious.

Clutter and unwanted items

We all have clutter in our homes that is long overdue throwing out. This can either come from items that we once used but now don’t, to unwanted gifts and presents. A common example of this is something like a CD player or hi-fi system that has now become obsolete with the innovation of MP3 and wireless speakers. It is worth having a proper clear out of all the unwanted belongings in your home to make sure that it is tidy and presentable. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to ask yourself when the last time you used the item was. It’s likely that your answer will be a long time ago and you should consider getting rid of it or putting it in storage while you sell your home.

Fancy appliances

There are plenty of appliances that often seem amazing when we buy them but never get enough use when we get them home. Plenty of items such as blenders or bread makers can often be bulky and take up counter space. It can be worth leaving out a few well-positioned items, such as a knife block or kettle, but you want to make sure that your house is presentable and that you have an uninterrupted work surface. If you have any items that you use on a regular basis, but they are bulky and clutter the work spaces, then it might be worth storing them out of site. Try not to fill your cupboards, though, as people are likely to snoop.

Personal effects

A few carefully placed pictures or artworks placed on the wall can make a home feel welcoming and lived in. But a house full of photo frames on every surface or personal souvenirs from your trips abroad can be off-putting for potential buyers. Again the problem comes down to space as the people viewing your home want to be able to visualise living in the space. If the area is cluttered then it can cloud their judgment and they may not be able to see how their own belongings will fit in your home. It’s better to clear your spaces and replace with a decorative candle or potted plant.

Household tools

A box of tools is always handy to have lying around the home in case you need to fix anything. However, this can soon become much more than a hammer and some screwdrivers, ranging from a draw to a shed full of bits and pieces. This can give off the wrong impression to buyers as they may think that you are still repairing things in the home. Alternatively, it could also mean that they think there still needs work doing to the house. Although people don’t always expect things to be perfect, and they may be up for repair work, it might give the impression you aren’t being truthful about the condition of your home.

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