Is Your Business Outgrowing Your Office?

Is Your Business Outgrowing Your Office?

As time moves forward, your business should grow and expand as you take on more work and gain more influence in your field. But although growing your business is a great thing and usually means increased revenues, it also brings its own problems, too. One of the most common difficulties that businesses face when growing is running out of space and outgrowing their office premises. You might not be quite at this stage at the moment, but it might be something that is on the horizon with further growth to your business. If you are left wondering whether your business has outgrown your office space then our blog guide should help you decide.

You have more employees

Although this might seem like an obvious answer, if you have twice as many people as you did the year before, then this is a big sign you are outgrowing your premises. If the office seemed spacious before, you might find that with more employees, it's starting to feel a bit tight. One thing that you should plan for is how many employees you can fit in your current office space without getting too cramped. This might involve buying new furniture to make better use of the space that you have available and fit everyone in. Once you have worked out the space you need, you should have an idea of how many more people you can take on and when you will outgrow your office space.

Running Out of Storage

One of the major signs that you are outgrowing your office is that you don’t have enough storage space in the office. If you have to store a large number of files, or you don’t have enough space to fit all of your stock, you might want to start thinking about new office spaces. It might not be a case of physical storage either, and you might actually be running out of digital storage or capability. Some of the signs that you are running out of space include reaching your dropbox limit, running out of cloud storage or slow internet problems. If you are experiencing any of these problems then it might be time to start thinking about new office premises.



Limited Meeting Spaces

If you find yourself limited to a small meeting space, then it might be time to consider moving to a new office space. This is a common problem for a number of companies as they consider using their conference space to accommodate more staff. You might also have the issue of pushing meetings back because someone is already using the meeting area. If your meeting space is constantly full then you risk upsetting clients as they have to wait for weeks before they can get an appointment. You can also end up missing out on internal meetings and deadlines can get overlooked.

No Free Space

With the growth of your business, you will likely see a reduction in free space and breakout areas for people to relax or have their lunch break. It is important for your employees to get a break from their workspace for better productivity and staff morale. If your breakout areas are getting smaller and you’re running out of space, then you might want to consider moving premises. Likewise, even if you haven’t made your breakout areas smaller but think this is the way forward, then you might want to start thinking about changing offices.

If any of the above relate to your business but you're not quite ready to move office then you might want to consider business storage. Easistore provides a wide range of storage options to make sure we meet all of your needs. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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