Is It Important To Have Climate Controlled Storage Units

Is It Important To Have Climate Controlled Storage Units?

When storing valuables, it is important to keep them in a cool and dry place to avoid any potential damage. But we often don’t have the room in our homes to store valuables or other possessions, so they end up getting moved into the garage or shed, where it can be much colder than your home.

You can also then get the problem of damp too, which can cause damage to valuables or items with sentimental value like photos. If you don’t have space in your home to keep valuables safe, then you might be thinking about self storage. But is it important to have climate controlled storage units? We explain why it is and answer all your questions in our blog.

What Items Should I Store In a Climate Controlled Unit?

The UK weather can be temperamental at the best of times and even within the same month, we can experience cold, wet and warm days. Drastic changes in temperature can be damaging to your possessions and some items can benefit massively from being kept in climate controlled storage. This mainly involves items that could become damaged or change shape in cold or damp environments. Some of the items that might be affected by changes in temperature include;

  • Wooden furniture or antiques
  • Musical instruments such as brass instruments
  • Electronic equipment
  • Clothing or upholstery
  • Important documents
  • Vinyls

Dust Free Environment

One of the biggest drawbacks for some larger storage units that aren’t climate controlled is that they usually aren’t sealed. Warehouse type storage usually involves a large outdoor storage shed that isn’t sealed and can be susceptible to dust. One of the major benefits for climate controlled storage units is that they are often completely sealed which prevents any dust or debris. This means that any valuables like clothing or upholstery are kept clean and free from dust or odours that might not be able to be removed. You should also consider air quality too, as climate controlled units continuously circulate fresh air, which can also help to prevent any damage.

Safety and Security

One of the major benefits for climate controlled self storage units is that they are usually completely sealed and contained. If you opt for larger storage options then your items can often be stored along with other people’s belongings. This can become a problem if items are constantly being added or removed from the storage unit with changes in temperature and dust getting in. Not only this, but your items might also be moved around to make room for other belongings. Moving items can potentially lead to damage.

Climate controlled storage is not essential for all items though and some items will be fine in regular storage units. However, if you have fragile items or any belongings that you think could be damaged, it is worth considering a climate controlled self storage unit for peace of mind. Easistore provides a wide range of storage units in our Kent locations that are all climate controlled. Get in touch with us today for a quote on storage.

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