Inspiration For Your Uni Room

Bedroom with blue walls and linen bedding.

Are you looking for uni room inspiration? If you’re about to move into university accommodation, you’ve got a million and one things to think about. You’re probably hitting big shops like IKEA and Homesense to make sure you have everything you need, and hoping to find some cool stuff for your uni room. Don’t forget to check out charity shops too - you can get some great deals on second-hand furniture, dishes, decor and more.  

For most young people, uni is your first taste of freedom, and your first opportunity to pick out some new things for your own new space. Whether you’re sharing with roommates or not, you’re going to want to make sure your room works well for your university lifestyle. 

This will mean plenty of style so you can feel at home in your new accommodation. It’s particularly important to feel settled and comfortable in your new space if this is your first year at uni, as the entire experience could be new and unsettling at times. You might want to check out our Student Survival Guide which has everything you need to make the coming year a success! 

Read on to discover our inspiration for your uni room, so you can ensure it’s both stylish to fit your tastes, and functional for your studies. 


Style and decor

Make the space your own - The first thing to remember about uni housing (or any temporary housing for that matter) is that you can’t make big changes. This usually means that when you move out, it needs to look the same as when you moved in. So if you’re hoping to paint with bold colours or hang heavy wall art, you may want to reconsider, unless you’re willing and capable of repainting and patching up holes before you move. 


Wall art and decals - A great substitution for painting walls or hanging up decor is finding removable wall art or decals. There are plenty of websites where you can order custom decals and stickers for walls which can be easily removed before you leave. You could choose an inspirational quote to apply that will keep you motivated as you work towards your degree or just some funky designs that speak to you. 

Modern living room design and decor with inspirational quote wall art decal.

Credit: Etsy


Lighting - Depending on the type of accommodation you have while you’re at uni (official school housing or private rental), most places come with basic overhead lighting. If you want to give the place a cosy feel, you should accent the space with different tabletop and floor lamps. You can choose lampshades in your favourite colours to set up an inviting reading corner for cramming for your next exam, and fun, free-standing lamps to set the decor tone of the space.   

You can even opt for some unique accent lighting, like a lava lamp or accent globe for mood lighting. 

Wooden table lamp on a bedside table next to a succulent plant in a pot and moon night light globe.

Textures and textiles - Another great way to add colour and style to a place is by adding lots of fabrics and textures. The easiest method of introducing these elements is with throw cushions and blankets for optimum cosiness. Toss a cuddly blanket across a chair or the back of your sofa, and make sure every seating surface has plenty of cushions to snuggle up with while you watch a film or read. You can choose fabrics that feature your favourite colours, images, or designs that you like.

Green, salmon and cactus patterned throw pillows on a grey sofa with a fuzzy salmon coloured blanket.

Organisation and function

Make the most of your space - While it’s important that you have a uni space that reflects your personal style where you feel comfortable and at home, it’s just as important that the space works well for your new lifestyle. While having fun and unforgettable experiences at uni should definitely be a top priority for you, what’s even more important is that you have a space that will set you up for success in your studies. 

Have a designated workspace - While you’ll of course make use of your uni’s study labs and libraries, it’s important that you have a set space in your uni room where you can work. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or big, but it needs to be a flat surface where you can set up a computer or laptop and any accompanying texts you’ll need to work with. A desk is the best option, but you could always use a space as multipurpose, like a dressing table or kitchen table if you are short on space.

White desk with a pottery coffee mug, potted cactus and black desk lamp with laptop showing coding screens.

Storage, storage, storage - Most uni accommodation doesn’t come with an excess of space or storage options, so it’ll be up to you to find ways to make space for all your belongings. Make use of spaces under the bed with plastic storage tubs, stackable cubes for the wardrobe, over-door organisers and more. Every space will be unique, so there’s no absolute answer for how you should achieve this in your room, but it’s likely that you’ll need to get creative. If you have lots of large items, you can always make use of student storage solutions

You may also want to explore tips for minimalist living so you can find balance for living with less clutter while having everything you really need!

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