How to Throw the Best BBQs This Summer

How to Throw the Best BBQs This Summer

The best way to celebrate the hot summer weather and the clear blue skies here in the UK is by staying outdoors and enjoying the sun before it leaves us for another year. A BBQ at this time of the year can be the perfect way to take a break from work and bring together family and friends to enjoy weeknight evenings or weekends with laughter and old memories. We have put together a guide to help you throw the best BBQ this summer.

Great Food

A great barbecue is always made better by the careful selection of food. A good choice of simple and classic recipes is important to make sure you have a successful BBQ this summer. It is important that if you are cooking meat or fish, that it is cooked well on a good grill. The quality of the products is also important and you should make sure that your meats come from grass-fed animals that are allowed to roam freely. Choosing organic produce can help, or why not pay a trip to your local butcher to get the best products they have to offer. Make sure that you also offer alternatives to meat in case any of your friends or family are vegetarian or vegan.

Sauces and Recipes

Another important factor when it comes to a great BBQ is the sauces that you have on offer for your guests. A great sauce can really accentuate the flavour of the meat and make the food much tastier. Creating a homemade sauce for your guests is a great way to make your BBQ memorable this summer. A great sauce to go with grilled pork is a “beer applesauce”, and is simple to make. Simply cut some red apples into cubes and fry in a pan before adding a little butter. Add some bay leaves and 2 glasses of beer and allow it to simmer before blending. Another great sauce that you can make at home is a “mint sauce”, perfect with grilled lamb. All you need is to put in the mixer with a hand-full of fresh mint leaves, a teaspoon of sugar, 3 of apple vinegar and 3 tablespoons of oil and then adjust with salt and pepper to taste.


When organising a BBQ in your back garden it is also important to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Colourful cushions on the grass, candles here and there and decorative lights among the vegetation will create the desired ambience. A cosy and relaxing atmosphere for your guests is essential as it gives you enough time to prepare the food without people getting hungry and worrying about when the food will be ready. A relaxed atmosphere can also make your guests feel welcome and enjoy themselves that bit more.


No BBQ would be complete without some great tunes in the background for everyone to enjoy. Make sure that you choose a selection of songs that you think the guests at your BBQ would like, based on their ages and what you know about them. A great way to get the best music for everyone is to use a streaming service like Spotify or Apple Music. If you haven’t signed up for these services before, you should be able to take advantage of a free trial before signing up, and if you pay for it monthly, you can cancel at any time afterwards. This gives you a huge selection of songs and even means people can request something they want to hear. There are also a great selection of BBQ-themed playlists on both services, perfect for setting the mood. 

Following all of these tips should mean that you throw the best BBQs this summer and make sure that you keep all of your guests entertained. However, if you don’t have enough room to keep all of this new garden furniture and BBQ equipment in your home, why not consider self storage

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