How To Store Wrapping Paper

Christmas is coming, you know what that means? That’s right, more wrapping paper! Why is it whenever we need any we always go out and buy 3 tonnes of wrapping paper, only to put them away somewhere, forget and repeat the cycle 3 months later? Well, what if we told you we have a few storage ideas where you can safely store, keep them out the way and still be able to use them another time.

Keep Things Together

It’s almost too easy to lose rolls of wrapping paper and other little supplies, so first and foremost we’d suggest keeping everything together in one place to try and limit this from happening. See if you can find a spare box or case where you are able to store all you’re rolls of wrapping paper, any ribbon and tags. It’s a simple, yet effective way of keeping everything together. If not, we offer a range of different sized boxes on our website.

Keep Paper Rolled

A top tip for storing your wrapping paper is to keep it rolled at all times. Not only does this make it much easier to neatly store away until you next need it, but it also means the paper is much less likely to be torn and damaged when tucked away after use.

Use A Clear Box

If like most, you have hoards of boxes stacked as far as the eye can see in your attic it can be a nightmare trying to dig out the one with the exact content you’re looking for. A quick way around this familiar headache is to use clear boxes can be a time saver when you’re in a mad dash because you realise you’ve still not wrapped your presents.

Clear plastic boxes are also extremely durable, meaning your delicate rolls of wrapping paper will be safely protected and neatly stored away all in one.

Get Creative

No boxes? No problem. You can always get creative with your storage methods this year. Forget cardboard boxes, repurpose an old stool by turning it upside-down. This could provide a unique storage facility where you can safely place all your rolls of wrapping paper, as well as attaching hooks for tape, ribbons and scissors.  

If you’d prefer to keep your furniture for sitting purposes only, fair enough we understand. However, the unique ideas don’t stop there. You could also make use of a suit carrier, simply place all rolls of wrapping paper and ribbons inside, and hang it away until the next time you need it. It’s simple, stylish and a little bit quirky.

Hang Them Up

A great way to keep your wrapping paper neatly stored and out of the way is with the use of a towel rack. Once up and running all you’ll need is a couple of curtain clips to attach your wrapping paper. Simple! The curtain clips will also stop the rolls from unravelling as they attach to the end, meaning they are much less likely to get torn or damaged whilst kept this way. 

Now you’ve got everything safely wrapped and tucked away, you might be in need of some tips for hiding your present this Christmas. Don’t worry, we have you covered! 

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