How to Store Winter Sports Items

Two people carrying skis through winter snow

After the excitement of a skiing holiday is over, thinking about where to tidy away all your winter sports equipment can be difficult to stomach. While fond memories of sliding through the snow are fresh, you should consider the importance of properly storing your skis, helmet, boots, and more. For creative, safe, and efficient ski storing ideas, we have put together a comprehensive guide to all things winter sports storage.

Ski and Snowboard Storage Preparation

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or snowboarder or just starting out, it’s never too soon to learn about the proper way to clean and dry your equipment. When examining your equipment, ensure there is no ice, dirt, or sand anywhere. Storing dirty items could cause lasting damage. This means it is vital to give your board, skis, helmets and boots a thorough rinse, particularly in cracks and corners. Following cleaning your equipment, drying off your skis or snowboard is essential to the integrity of the equipment. Storing equipment with sitting water could damage the materials or cause mould to grow on and around it, particularly on bindings.

Clean equipment is a good start when considering ski storage ideas. But more experienced skiers will know that’s not all. Not applying wax leaves your equipment open to slow but sure degradation. Wax closes the material in your skis or snowboard off from oxygen, so will protect it from scratches and protect the polyethylene base of the skis from peeling off.

Row of skis lined up in ski racks on a wall

Storage Location

Choosing where to store your winter sports equipment is a vital part of the storage process. A location that is too hot or too cold is ideal, as extremes of either temperature will inflict damages that will affect the safety and quality of the equipment. For this reason, you may want to reconsider storing in your basement or attic as this is where temperatures can drop or humidity can build up. Somewhere with a consistently controlled temperature and humidity is the ideal place for winter sports equipment. 

If your home has no option where these requirements are fulfilled, consider utilising affordable storage options with Easistore. With our climate controlled storage centres, your skis and equipment will remain in perfect condition no matter how long you choose to store with us.

Snowboard and Ski Storage Ideas

You should never store your skis and snowboards in their bags for long periods of time. While good for transport, trapping dirt and moisture with them can cause slight or serious damage when in long-term storage. Utilising racks, whether on the ceiling, on walls, or free standing, is the best way to make sure your skis can dry and remain in perfect condition. This is also a great way to maximise the space in the rest of the room for other objects or for the rest of your equipment, like boots, helmets, and gloves.

Before placing your skis in storage, ensure you have fastened the skis. This could be on the tightest setting so that the straps don’t stretch, or on your regular ski strap settings to save time when you next head out.

Skis, ski poles, and snow boots laid out on wooden flooring

Winter Sports Clothing

It’s also important that there is no dust or moisture on your coats, hats, gloves and other winter clothing you wear when skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or other snow sports. Hanging up coats will let them air out while in storage and prevent damage via sitting water and sitting dirt. The waterproofing may well wear out if they are not stored correctly. For smaller items, like thermal clothes, socks, and gloves, storage bins are excellent for keeping everything in one place for when you need them again. You can find tips on storing your bulky winter wardrobe in our blog.

Shoe racks are the perfect way to ensure snow shoes and boots are kept in excellent condition. Stuffing your shoes and fastening them at their biggest setting will prevent them from losing their shape as they sit in storage. Storing them upside-down or standing up will allow them to air without dirt or water sitting and damaging the souls.

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