How to Store Toys to Keep Your Children’s Room Tidy

How to Store Toys to Keep Your Children’s Room Tidy

With schools closed through the coronavirus pandemic, it was difficult finding ways to entertain children with them constantly at home. Many activities and play parks have also had to close during the pandemic so it is likely your children have spent a lot of time playing with their toys. You might have even been buying them new toys throughout lockdown to keep them entertained while stuck at home. But this might mean that your home is now cluttered with toys and you are wondering how you’re going to find the room to store them. We have come up with a guide and some top tips on how to store toys to keep your children’s room tidy.

Plan Play Days

One way that you can organise your children’s toys easier is to plan out play days and only get out specific toys for them to play with. Suggesting your children play with certain toys and even playing with them can get them interested in the toy you get out. By planning out different play days and getting out different toys, you can keep your children entertained and also help their development with different toys. Even if they still want their favourite toy out, this is better than letting them choose from all their toys and leaving a huge mess.

Dedicated Storage Boxes

Another tip to help you save more space is to get rid of the original boxes that the toys came in and use some dedicated boxes for the toys. This can save space trying to save lots of different sized boxes and packaging is often a lot bigger than the actual toy itself. You can get some plastic tubs or bins with lids for all of the toys to go in or opt for wooden storage units to keep things tidy. If your children are old enough, you can even encourage them to tidy up after themselves and put the toys back into the right storage boxes.

Have a Clear Out

It is likely that your children have a lot of toys and it's unlikely that they play with all of their toys anymore. If you have bought them new toys since the start of lockdown then it is also likely that some of their toys are old and could be thrown out. So it is probably about time that you have a clear out of some of their old toys that don’t get played with anymore. If you are worried they will notice, take the toys away and hide them for a few months to see if they notice that they’re missing.

Group Toys Together

If you have one large storage box with all of the toys in, although it can save space, this can make it really difficult to find that one toy. It is better if possible to have different storage boxes to sort all of your children’s toys into different groups so they are easier to find. For example, if they have a lot of car toys then you can store all of these in one box and it will be easy to find when they want to play with it. It also means that your children can find their toys on their own without making a huge mess!

These are just some of the top tips on how to store toys to keep your children’s room tidy but there are plenty of other ways you can do it. Remember to make use of all space available, store things under beds, in cupboards and even on the back of a door. Organising your storage is all about finding a system that works for you. If you still don’t have enough room, you might want to think about self storage as a temporary solution. Get in touch with us to see how we can help with short term storage.

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