How to Store Print Photos

Print photographs in storage

Although photography has changed drastically in the last decade, many people still look to print their photos to frame. This also doesn’t include all photos that were taken before the iPhone era and have been printed out and kept in folders. Photos can often hold precious memories of loved ones that are no longer with us or of friends that we no longer see so often. Many people still want to pass photographs down to younger generations but it can be a pain to try and store all of the photographs that you have in your possession. That’s why we have decided to help with some tips on how to store print photos and have put together our guide to photograph storage.

Choose a Selection of the Best

It can be tempting to not get rid of any of your photographs but in the age before camera phones and digital cameras, we would often take more pictures than necessary. You didn’t have the luxury of choosing which photos to print at one point in time either, so there were often duplicates or multiple photos of the same shot. It is likely that you will have photos in your collection that are very similar and could do with being removed and thrown. The best way to approach this is the same way you would with your phone. If you’d taken that picture on a phone would you keep or delete it? Be stringent in thinning down your collection so that you are keeping only the best images.

Photographs in a storage box

Consider Index Cards

If part of the reason you want to keep print photos in storage is that you want to pass these down onto younger generations, then it might be a good idea to consider index cards to group images. It might be immediately obvious to you what the photo depicts but it could be harder for your children or relatives to work out. Using index cards for your collections and grouping photos can help your relatives identify what is in the photos and why it's special to you. This process may even help you decide which photos you don’t need to keep if they don’t have any particular importance or there is nothing for you to attribute to them.


Think About Storage Conditions

Old photographs from the 1950s or 1960s can fade over time or discolour if they are not stored well, so it is important to make sure your photos are stored in an area that has the right climate. Too warm or too cold could lead to the same changes in your printed photos. Old photographs have a habit of turning red or yellow if they are not stored well and although print technology has improved drastically, we are unsure how modern prints could be affected in years to come. This is why storing your photos in a loft area that isn’t well insulated or a garage can lead to damage to your images.

Printed photographs hanging in a home

Storage Folders or Archive Boxes

Some of the best ways to store your photographs include in sleeved storage folders or by using archival storage boxes. Folders can be a great way to store images as they often include sleeves which can shield your images from dust and keep them in great condition. However, they can often be expensive and awkward to store. Archive boxes are another option, and you can often find these with a lining or made from thick material. Many archive storage boxes can be sealed to keep dust and the elements from damaging your photos. Storage in archive boxes means you can fit a large amount of photos into boxes that are much easier to store.

Consider Digital Backups

If you are hesitant to get rid of your photos or are worried you won’t be able to see the images when you want, then you should think about creating digital backups for the images in your collection. Although the point is having physical copies of your photos, creating a digital backup means should there be any damage in your photo, you can have them reprinted. It also means that you can look at your photo collection whenever you want without having to get them out and go through them. A really simple way to do this would be to buy a printer and scanner, available for as little as £40, to make digital copies of your old photos. Storing them online through free services such as Google Drive couldn’t be easier.


If you still don’t have enough room to store your photos at home and are looking for a way to get rid of clutter, then why not consider self storage solutions. Easistore provides storage units of all sizes that can allow you to free up space in your home. You can be sure your photos are safe in our care. Get a free quote on storage today.

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