How to Store Makeup

How to Store Makeup

Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just an amateur, it is important to keep your makeup organised. This will not only look nice, but it will also make your makeup routine a lot quicker. Here are some simple ways you can give all your makeup a proper home.

Get a divider

Dividers are the key to a brilliant makeup organisation. A simple drawer divider can make all the difference when it comes to storing your makeup. Allocate each section of the divider to a makeup product and stick to it. Having a separate space for eyeliners, lipstick and mascara will allow you to find your makeup quickly, whilst keeping your dressing table free of unwanted clutter and mess. Try not to overflow the dividers, as this can make it messy. Consider buying more if you need more space suppose to trying to squeeze everything into one.


For the products that you don’t use as often, try storing your makeup in a box! It is a cost-effective and easy way of reducing makeup clutter. Clear, acrylic boxes are great, as they look nice and make it easy to pick out your desired product. If you are on a budget but still want your storage to be visually appealing, wrap an old shoebox in wrapping paper to give it a new look.

Store your makeup brushes in pots

Are your brushes lying about everywhere? Consider getting a cheap pen pot to store your brushes in. This makes it easier to grab hold of and to store. You can also reuse old jars or pots, just if they are thoroughly washed out and look nice! You can place these on your dressing table or desk, and they will look very tidy and organised.

Get a set of drawers

Whether it’s getting a desk with drawers or simply purchasing a whole new set, drawers are a great way to store any makeup without it looking messy. If you are a real makeup junkie, it might be worth considering investing in a larger set of new drawers. Allocate one drawer for each type of makeup, e.g. skincare, lip producers, foundations etc and label each one to make the products easier to find.

Store nail polish on a ledge/ shelf

Storing nail polish on a ledge/shelf gives a salon-grade display, which look beautiful in your home. Not only does this organise your nail polish, but it also makes the task of picking a colour a lot easier! You can easily find your desired polish and take it straight off the shelf, without rummaging through hundreds of polishes first.

Get a hanging organiser

Hanging organisers are not only cheap, but they also have a lot of space to store all your makeup. Just like you would with a desk organiser, put different makeup products into separate spaces, to make each product easy to find. Hanging organisers can most likely store all of your makeup, so there is no need to purchase any other organiser.

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