How To Store Clothes In A Storage Unit

Woman putting folded clothes in storage

Do you have too many clothes in your home? Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? Is your loft full of out-of-season frocks? Do you have an entire family household worth of clothes to store? You’re not alone. Many people find that they simply don’t have enough room for their clothes. In the UK, it’s not uncommon for most households to have no built-in wardrobes, much less a walk-in closet. This means that most Britains don’t have adequate clothing storage. 

A helpful solution is to store some of your or your family’s clothes in a self storage unit. This ensures that they are out of your way, but also kept somewhere clean and dry that you can access whenever you need to. Read on to learn more about how to store clothes in a storage unit. 

1. Do the washing - when preparing your wardrobe for storage, it’s important that you wash and dry everything thoroughly before packing it away. This will ensure that no stains set in while storage, which would make them nearly impossible to get out when retrieved from storage. It will also prevent any clothing items from coming out of storage with unpleasant smells. 

2. Toss anything you don’t want - before you get too far in the wardrobe storage process, make less work for yourself by clearing out anything you don’t actually want to keep. If any of your clothes are damaged, no longer fit, or you haven’t worn them in a while, it’s best to bin or donate them. This will help ensure that you save space in your storage unit and time when preparing your items to go there. 

3. Roll your clothes - You may have heard that rolling your clothes when packing a suitcase helps you save space. That’s 100% true, and it’s also true when packing items for storage. Rolling your clothes will save space so that you can fit more into your storage unit. This approach will also help decrease wrinkles, which means you’ll have less ironing to do when you take your clothes out of storage the next time you need them. 

4. Find the right storage materials - You’ll want to make sure that your clothes are protected while in storage, so we’d advise against packing them in cardboard boxes, which insects can work their way into or which can become damaged by water in the unlikely event a storage unit leaks or is flooded. Packing your items in plastic storage containers will ensure that items do not get crushed, will stay dry and that no pests or insects can damage them. Another option is to use vacuum bags, which will protect items and save you considerable space. 

5. Consider hanging storage options - You may have clothes that you’d prefer to hang, which can certainly be accomplished in a storage unit. All you will need is plastic garment bags and a portable clothing rail. Put each item in a plastic or garment bag separately, or store like items together - it’s completely up to you. Then hang them on the rail within the storage unit and you have the perfect storage solution for formal wear, coats and more. 

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Clothes hangers on a storage rail

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