How to Store a Designer Handbag and Keep it Safe

How to Store a Designer Handbag and Keep it Safe

If you have a designer handbag and you are planning on storing it then you might be wondering how you can keep it safe. These handbags can often cost thousands of pounds and generally retain their value when kept in good condition. But there are plenty of occasions when you might need to store your bag for long periods of time, including moving home or renovating. We have put together a guide on how to store a designer handbag to keep it safe and make sure it doesn’t get any damage. These are also some good tips if you don’t use your bag often and want to clean it after using it.

Cleaning your Designer Handbag

Once you have used your designer handbag then you should make sure you always empty out the contents afterwards. This will stop any damage to the lining inside your handbag and make sure it remains in good condition while in storage. If your bag is soft then you should be able to turn it inside out and ensure you get all the dirt and dust out of the crevices. You can use a lint roller on your designer handbag if you are unable to turn it inside out to help collect any dirt and dust. You should also make sure that you clean the outside, using a damp cloth or alcohol-free wipe on hard leather bags. Use a dry paper towel to gently brush any loose dust or dirt from suede bags or other exotic materials.

Stuffing Your Designer Handbag

If you are storing your designer handbag for long periods then you should think about stuffing it to make sure you keep the shape. When your bag is empty or if you place it in storage with other items, it can get squashed out of shape and damaged. You can use acid-free tissue paper to stuff your bag and make sure that it doesn’t lose its shape but avoid newspaper or thick paper. If you have a small pillow that fits inside your bag this is a great way to keep the shape but avoid overstuffing your handbag. One of the best materials to use is bubblewrap as it doesn’t cause any damage to your bag's lining.

Covering Your Handbag

Before storing your designer handbag you should make sure that you have covered it to protect from any damage. Most designer handbags usually come with a cloth bag but if you don’t have one you can use a neutral colour pillowcase for the same effect. You should make sure that you store your handbags separate from each other so that the materials don’t transfer colour or damage one another. Also, make sure that whatever you store your designer handbag in is large enough and breathable so it doesn’t warp when stored.

Final Tips

By following these tips you should be able to keep your designer handbag in excellent condition and prevent any damage. It can also be a good idea to cover and wrap any large buckles or zips to avoid any scratching or damage. It can seem like a good idea to hang your handbag but this can actually stretch the handles and cause wear to your bag. Make sure that you don’t store your handbag next to other heavy items as this can squash them and make them lose shape. If you have the original box that your handbag came in then it can be a good idea to store it in this and keep this away from potential damage.

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