How to Settle in to Your New Job After a Move

How to Settle in to Your New Job After a Move

For some of us, moving home can coincide with another big life event – starting a new job. Whether you’re relocating with your current company or starting a new career altogether, trying to find the time to adjust when you’ve moved to a new area can be extremely difficult. Similarly, settling into a new home when you’re spending a lot of time at the office can take months. We’ve put together 4 top tips to help make the process easier, so you can ease into your new job and embrace your new home quickly and with minimal stress.

Research your local area

If you’re looking to settle in fast, it’s worth doing some research on your new area before you move; this will help you find your feet once you’re moved in. Make a list of important local amenities, such as the supermarket, dry cleaners, petrol station, and post office – you could even mark them on a map so you know where to find them in a rush. A simple Google search can help with this, but websites such as Yelp and City Advisor can also come in handy when trying to find local businesses.

You’ll also want to find time to rehearse your commute; this is one of the most stressful parts of a new job, so make sure you’re familiar with the public transport and have back-up routes if anything goes wrong in your first week.

Organise your move

Being organised and planning in advance is always advisable when moving home, but it’s especially crucial when you’re taking on another stressful life event at the same time, like starting a new job. You’ll have a lot to think about in the run up to moving day, so prepare lists to make sure you stay on top of everything; include things like setting up gas and electricity bills, organising internet installation, and sending change-of-address cards.

You might also need to consider buying furniture if you’re moving from a furnished to unfurnished property – or you could arrange to borrow from friends or family until you’ve got some time to shop for bigger items. If you’ve prepared all of this ahead of time, you’ll be able to relax and focus on your new job sooner.

Speak to your employer

Many employers will offer some form of assistance when it comes to helping you relocate to a new area. This can vary massively depending on the employer but they can provide a great range of support to help you settle in. Some employers will offer to reimburse you relocation costs when moving a great distance, which can help to ease the pressure of the move. They may also even provide temporary lodging and accommodation for you while you look for a new home. Make sure that you take advantage of any assistance that your company offers and get in touch with them before you make the move. Even if they offer advice on the local area and the best routes into work, this can be really helpful when it comes to moving.

Consider self storage

If you have too many belongings to bring with you to your new home then you might want to consider storage solutions. The last thing you want after a long day at your new job is to come home to a home filled with unsightly boxes. This can add to your stress levels and leave you feeling overwhelmed. By putting unnecessary items in temporary storage, you’ll give yourself additional time to adjust to your new role and your new home before you tackle the mammoth task of unpacking. If you are looking for self storage options, then Easistore can provide the perfect storage. Make sure you get in touch with us today.

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