How To Prepare Your Home For Pets

How To Prepare Your Home For Pets

Getting a family pet is a huge occasion and it is a memory that you will no doubt treasure forever. Both dogs and cats can be terrific companions for many years to come. But there are some things that you should think about before getting a pet. This obviously includes some of the main considerations, such as whether you have thought about all the costs involved in getting a pet including expensive vet bills. But there are also aspects of your home that you might want to change before deciding on getting a pet. This includes the furniture you have and anything that might be hazardous to new pets.

Animals that are in new environments are more than likely to look around and explore their surroundings. Some explore more enthusiastically and thoroughly than others but this means that they are likely to explore with their noses and mouths. This might also mean that they end up scratching or nibbling furniture or anything else in the home. For this reason, you might want to consider self storage for some of your more valuable or hazardous items. It is better to be safe and get these items well out of the way of your new pet while they are getting used to their new surroundings. But you won’t want to get rid of your items permanently, as you will no doubt need them again.

  • Delicate items – any items that might break or be damaged easily are advised to be moved out of the way. This includes things like tables, lamps and any unstable objects that are easily knocked over. Not only could this destroy expensive items, but it could also be dangerous to pets if they are struck by fallen objects or any broken shards. It might be best to store these items away whilst your pet settles in.
  • Small Objects – any small objects that could be seen as choking hazards should be kept well out of the way and ideally sealed. Things like paperclips or other small everyday items could prove dangerous to pets. This would be particularly hazardous to cats as they often like to climb furniture, but could still be dangerous to dogs and other animals if left lying around.
  • Poisonous or harmful items – there are many chemicals, and even some foods, that can be poisonous to dogs and cause them serious harm. You should make sure that household chemicals are kept out of reach or locked in cabinets. Also be careful about your waste and what you throw away. Keep your rubbish secured as your pet may rummage through it.
  • Prized possessions – absolutely anything of value, either physical or sentimental, is best to be kept well out of reach while your pet finds their feet. Many pets have a tendency to chew or play with all kinds of items so you don’t want something of value damaged or ruined, especially if it is irreplaceable. Think about putting these items in storage until your pet is settled in their new environment.

A family pet comes with a lot of responsibility and it is important that you are fully prepared for a new pet before they arrive at their new home. It’s also important to make sure that there is enough space in your home for a pet. They come with a lot of stuff such as beds, toys and food that can take up a lot of space in your home. If you want to make some more space for your new arrival but don’t want to get rid of all your belongings, then consider self storage to make your life that little bit easier.

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